What Size Mattress For Bunk Beds? of 2023

Parents’ happiness lies in children’s exhilaration. Bunk beds are most likely to be adventures for children.  Not only making bedtime more enjoyable, but bunk beds also manage extra space on the floor. Moreover, who doesn’t dream of a peaceful and never-ending sleepover?

For ensuring their enjoyment at an intense level, a perfect mattress is also important. Incorrect mattress size can pop over rails and can create gaps between guard rails and the bed. And this is dangerous.

What Size Mattress For Bunk Beds?

Do bunk beds use regular mattresses? What is the best mattress for bunk beds? Do I need any special mattresses for bunk beds? So many questions are roaming in your head and you want to know all, right? Then stop scrolling and hop into the content.

What Is The Right Bunk Bed Mattress Size For You?

A bunk bed is a figure where one frame is on top of the other. In other words, two storage beds. Forgoing to the top bunk, there are built-in stairs. The main advantage of a bunk bed is freed up spaces. Moreover, it is the best bed for kids to share a room. Bunk beds are also ideal for guest rooms.

In modern times, there are different sizes and shapes of bunk beds. Such assumes bunk beds offer a full bed at the bottom and a twin at the top. Again, some other beds offer a futon at the bottom and standard at the top.

However, most bunk beds use twin mattresses or twin XL mattresses. But there are also double or queen bed frames for the bottom. There are also many varieties of mattresses. So check your bed size.

However, choose a mattress that fits perfectly on your bed. By measuring the top and bottom bunks, you will get an idea of choosing the correct size of the mattress.  But for you, we are giving here some sizes of beds-

Two twins bunk bed mattress size – A standard bunk bed will fit two twin mattresses. They are most used in kids rooms and studio apartments. The twin mattress is  38” (inch) in width and 75” in length.

Two twins Xls bunk bed mattress size   – Some bunks are specially designed as twin Xls.  It is used mainly for college dorm rooms and studio apartments. The twin XL mattress is  38 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Two full bunk bed mattress sizes – Though it is less popular than the above two, it is becoming famous among teenagers and college-going students. It is also used in guest rooms. For this, a full mattress is 53 inches in width and 75 inches in length.

One twin, one full bunk mattress size – This is good for usual kids of different ages sharing rooms. The top bunk is a twin and the bottom is full. This gives more space for parents to cuddle with their kids before sleep time.

Moreover, there are queen and king mattresses which are mainly used for master beds. You can also use a regular mattress for your bunks. Cause there is no safety issue, a regular mattress is ok to use.

However, if you don’t know the size, measure the inner dimensions of your bunk bed before you choose your mattress.

What Is The Best Mattress For Bunk Beds?

Well, the best mattress bunk beds vary from person to person. It depends on people’s choices. So it is really difficult to name one or two specifically.

What Size Mattress For Bunk Beds

However, safety and sleep quality are two important considerations before choosing the right mattress. Especially for a top bunk to safely sleep. Another thing you need to more consider-


You can see the guard rails on the top bunks, which are for protection. For this, you have to be extra concerned about the mattress of the top bunk.  If the mattress is too thick, then it will be taller than the guard rails. The sleeper will have a risk of falling. The ideal thickness that is considered for a bunk bed mattress is about 6 to 7 inches. This will ensure the safety of the sleeper.


The weight of the mattress is the most important issue. A thick and heavy mattress can create safety issues for both of your children. For this, before choosing one, look for your bed’s weight capacity and others. After that, choose one thin, light in weight mattress that matches your bed.


The more the weather becomes warmer, the top bunk will become a few degrees hotter. Because hot air rises. For this, if you find any mattress with cooling technology, then keep that on your priority list. Because then you can ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, whatever the weather is.


The model of your bed is another vital issue to consider. There are different varieties of bunk beds with different shapes. So consider the bed’s shape and try to give all-foam mattresses at the top.

As long as you consider these facts carefully, any mattress can be the best bunk mattress for you.


How thick should a mattress be for a bunk bed?

  • Six or seven inches are the ideal thickness of a mattress for bunk beds, especially for the upper bunk. A low-height mattress maximizes the effectiveness of the safety rail, increasing convenient headroom. Again, this thickness is enough to give comfort.

Do bunk beds use regular mattresses?

  • Most of the bunk beds use twin mattresses and different types are available. Such as – two twins, one full one twin. But it’s fine to use regular bunks as long as it fits perfectly with the size of your bed.

What kind of mattress is best for a bun bed?

  • A low-profile mattress, usually having a thickness of 6 to 7 is best for bunk beds. This guarantees the mattress is thick providing ease to the sleeper. They are perfect for bunks, not too tall or small.
    0. What is the difference between a bunk bed mattress and a regular bed mattress?
  • Bunk beds are generally manufactured for children, so the bunk mattress size is limited. Whereas, regular beds are used for almost all purposes and by all aged people. For this, the size of the mattress is not limited.

Final Note

Well, for many families bunk beds are for temporary uses. Your children may pass their teenage years in bunk beds. So for their happiness and safety, spending a little more on a durable, comfortable mattress is the best option.

However, we are so grateful for having you till the very end. As you have gone through the content, you have already known about the correct size mattress for bunk beds. Now choosing the best mattress for a bunk bed will be simple.

At last, children are picky with their choices. If you can choose the correct mattress for your kiddos, then you have to insist your kid to sleep. They will willingly say, ” It’s time for sleep!” Good luck with your choice.

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