What Is the Right Age to Put Babies in Walker [2023]

Walking is one of the most important events of a baby’s life. It’s a happy moment for parents too. It signifies the independence of a baby. And a baby walker can help the babies to discover their freedom. But as there is no fixed age, so new parents often ask when to put baby in walker. And today, we’re going to talk about it.

What Is the Right Age To Put Babies in Walker

Well, there is no appropriate fixed age for a baby to use a baby walker. It depends on the strength, size, and development of the babies. This is the reason why parents feel confused about the right age. Basically, the baby walker is designed for 4-16 months aged babies. If your baby can hold his/ her head up quite steadily and can touch the floor while placed in the walker, then you can use a baby walker for your baby. You can get a baby walker and wait until your baby reaches the ability to use it.

Does Baby Walker Really Help Babies to Walk Quickly?

It seems disappointing but the answer is, NO! People think baby walkers help babies to learn to walk quickly and that is the main reason why new parents buy baby walkers for their babies. But the truth is, baby walkers, don’t help your baby to learn walk quickly. Let me make it clear. Does Baby Walker Really Help Babies to Walk Quickly When babies are born, there are some steps to learn to walk. They are rolling over, crawling, standing, balancing, and walking. These steps are natural. But if you allow your baby to use a baby walker, then your baby walks on the toes as walkers let the babies walk on the toes. And babies think it’s normal as they are new to learning. It allows your baby to move quickly, but it’s not really walking!
And when they need to walk without using a baby walker, then they have to learn to balance on their feet again. As a result, it takes more time. So, doctors recommend not using baby walkers because of danger, and walkers are banned in some countries. But on the other hand, it’s a great toy that allows babies to have fun, and babies like it actually.

So, What Should You Do as A Parent?

Well, A baby walker is a great toy but it’s dangerous. Babies love to have fun with a walker but walkers can also lead them to serious accidents. You can take a look at the disadvantages of baby walkers to know more. That’s why it’s a confusing matter for parents whether to use it or not! If you can keep an eye on your baby while using the baby walker, then your kid will have great fun. But if you can’t, then it’s a wise decision not to use a walker. It depends on you how you make it. But as a responsible parent, you should give the safety of the baby first priority.

Final Note

There is no exact age to use a baby walker for babies. It depends on the ability of babies. If your baby is able and you can ensure safety, then it’s a great companion for your baby. Baby walkers have both advantages and disadvantages. You have to use the advantages and take steps to avoid the disadvantages. Make it so, and your baby will get a great toy without danger.

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