Ubbi vs Diaper Genie: Which Is The Best Diaper

Dirty diapers. Probably the worst nightmare of every new mother and father. Storing dirty diapers in your regular trash can not only be unhealthy, the smell can also be unbearable. It’s a good idea to keep dirty diapers separate from your normal garbage, where Ubbi vs diaper genie comes from.

Your nappy changes are likely to occur as your baby grows and develops – the diaper genie itself claims that a baby will go through 9,600 dirty diapers in their first three years, so it’s very convenient to toss them somewhere.

Do you need special bags for your baby ? How do you empty them? So to help answer some of your questions we looked at two popular diapers Ubbi vs diaper genie.details here.

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The Main Comparison Between Ubbi Vs Diaper Genie:

Diaper Genie
Diaper Genie


Now, to answer the most awaited question: Which is the best value-for-money product? Let’s make a comparison of Ubbi vs Diaper Genie

It is always a great idea to know the difference between the two diaper pellets. It gives you a clear idea of ​​which one can work best for you and your family. Below are a few major differences, as well as listed so you can see which one could be your best. We will go into more detail in the remaining points below, but for now the main difference between the two models is here.

Made from UBT steel – diapers made of genie plastic.The Diaper Ginny has a foot pedal, but the Ubbi has a closed door function.You can use the standard Garbage Liner with Ubbi, but with Diaper Ginny you have to use their branded liner.

Ubbi Vs Diaper Genie – Which is Best for Your Baby?

Both Ubbi and Diaper Jenny have good points and bad points which is why we’re so intrigued by both models here. Our expert moms and dads both keep an eye on the brand – each with its core features and pros and cons. This will leave you with a better understanding and knowledge of both of them, neutral and tried and tested. How easy it is to use each, starting with the price; See our in-depth review below.

Things to consider when choosing baby diapers

1.Choose a diaper brand of high quality; That means it offers a higher level of dryness and absorbency without compromising the ingredients to protect the baby’s skin. Many brands promise these benefits, but there is only one way to test it – use it and find out if your child will be comfortable with it.

2. Check for convenience and performance. Most diapers have side tabs that, once used, can be rearranged without being removed or attached. The diaper should also be leak-free and it should provide durable materials that are both hard on the leak but soft on the skin. Breathable items are very popular for diapers because they provide cool comfort to the baby.

3. Be sure to check the price. Do not hesitate to compare prices and quality of different brands. Typically diaper rival brands today have the same material and performance, so you need to focus more on price. If you can find an affordable brand [but not as popular as the leading brand] but offers the same quality and performance, it’s best to choose it for your baby’s use. If it irritates or rashes the skin after use, replace it with another brand as advised by your pediatrician.




The Ubbi Diaper Pail is made of stainless steel and is a high quality and durable diaper pail. Since it is made from stainless steel as opposed to plastic, it will have odors more effectively because the container will not absorb odors.

It has a sliding door operation for storing used diapers and it allows the smell to come out because there is no control between used diapers and sliding doors like other models on the market.You need to have one hand free to deposit diapers for Ubbi as there are no foot paddles.

Like other diaper pails, UBB allows you to use standard kitchen trash bags so there is no need to buy branded or special bags.

This helps reduce the running cost of diaper pills and it is a good thing to consider that Ubbi is almost double the price of many other diaper pills.It is available in 13 different colors so you are sure to find one that fits nicely with your nursery decor.

Ubbi is just one of the few diaper piles that can be used with cloth nappies and claims that it can hold up to 58 diapers at any one time.

Features of the Ubbi

  • Made of stainless steel as opposed to plastic – any stainless steel will absorb odors over time.
  • No special diaper bags required – Ubbi works perfectly well with regular trash bags.
  • Reduces odor – The odor almost disappears when you change the bag.
  • Can be used with cloth nappies – this is one of the very few diaper piles that works with them.
  • Childproof Lock – This is great when you have a curious child or even a pet. This will keep them out and prevent any huge chaos from being created.
  • Available in a variety of colors – Ubbi is available in 13 colors so you can find one that matches your decor.

Odore Steel Lock: Unlike plastic, steel is not perforated and retains odor inside
No special mechanics – simplicity works best: ready out of the box, easy to use and not prone to breakage

Pros & Cons

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Childproof lock
  • No special diaper bags required.
  • Can be used with cloth nappies.
  • It is powder coated so easy to keep clean.

  • There are no foot pedals


Question: Doesn’t it seem to keep smelling good? Does it stink when you open the door?
Answer: It smells so bad !!! We only had it for a few weeks and I thought I had something wrong – an id, the slider is a bit open … but no, it really stinks and doesn’t contain it! We’re back.

Question:Cloth diapers for parents you used Ubbi liner as well as key liner in Ubbi
Answer:I use Planet wise bag liner. I just throw it in the wash with diapers.

Question:What size bag do I need? (Gallons)
Answer:I used a 13-gallon trash bag. They fit well. Some overhang when the bag is empty, but when you add diapers, the weight tends to pull on the slack. I will not use anything less than 13-gallon capacity.

Diaper Genie

Diaper Ginny is one of the most popular diaper piles, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best or it will suit your family’s needs.

A very common diaper pile to use, it has a foot paddle that when you press it opens the lid and you simply press the inside of the diaper.

This is definitely one that can be used with one hand which is great when you usually have a baby in the other hand. When you release the paddle, the diaper genie seals the diaper in a separate bag so that any odor can be sealed.

Diapers are relatively inexpensive to buy genie but you have to remember that you have to buy branded bags and it has to depend on the running cost.

Each refill will last you about a month and you will need to change the bag once a week. Refills are not so expensive and can be bought online which saves you more money.

Feature of diaper genies

Available in a variety of colors – Diaper Genie is available in five different colors, allowing you to match your nursery decor.
Airtight Clamping Mechanism – This airtight clamping mechanism helps to retain odors and makes bags very easy to change.
Foot Paddle Operation – Diaper Genie is ergonomically designed to be easy to operate with one hand. You just put your foot on the paddle without turning at all.

Pros & Cons

  • Hands-free diaper disposal means you don’t have to touch the pillow
  • The odors stay well in the feet, which means no bad odors come out
  • Ready to use directly from the box
  • The bag is easy to remove – the peel comes with a cutter and you just tie a knot in the bag
  • Diapers come with genie bags so you can use them directly
  • It has a high-gloss design that looks great in any home

  • Is met quite quickly


Question:Can you use regular kitchen garbage bags?
Answer:This unit was originally designed for use with our diaper genie refill bag.

Question:What is the dimension? I have a thin little area next to my kitty litter box and I want to make sure it fits. Thanks
Answer:I don’t know the size but a small area is good

Question:With the creative baby diaper pill that refills work
Answer:Our Platex Diaper Genie Refills are designed for use only with our Platex Diaper Genie units.

Question:Can you use different refills?
Answer:I’m honestly not sure, I haven’t tried any other type. I imagine there are probably some closed brands that will work just fine, but I made no attempt

Ubbi vs Diaper Genie – What  Is Best

It is very difficult to choose between these two diaper piles because they both have some great professionals. These both look great and are available in a variety of colors to match your nursery.

They are both durable and sturdy and both have hygiene in their design.

Ubbi is more expensive but in the long run, since you don’t need to buy any special trash bags, the costs will probably run out as well. Unlike diaper genie which requires special refill but it is a more budget-friendly purchase, to start with.

But if we have to pick a winner, Diaper Ginny stays ahead because of its hands-free operation and the ease of changing used bags. This is due to the cut hidden inside the sand.

Don’t let Ubbi down. It looks stainless steel, durable and great. It’s fantastic designed to work with regular trash bags.

It also seems to work well in capturing those nasty odors that are the whole point of having a diaper pile above all!

The Verdict: Ubbi vs Diaper Genie?

This is a really tough call. Both Ubbi and Diaper Jenny have a lot of plus points to shout about: they both look great, they’re both tough and tough to wear and they both have hygiene at the forefront of their design. In terms of price, Ubbi is a more expensive design.

However, if you see it in the long run, Ubbi can be cheaper because you can buy standard garbage liners instead of more expensive branded alternatives যেমন such as the need for genie diapers.

The diaper gene probably overlaps it in terms of overall design. It has a foot pedal that makes it easy to use and means you don’t actually have to touch the bin. The bag is even easier to move with the diaper genie, thanks to the clever cutter hidden inside the foot.

This does not mean that Ubbi is not a great design – it is stainless steel and powder coated which means it is a bit easier to maintain and there are many more choices in the overall design.

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