Rainbow Baby After Miscarriage

It is well known that each pregnancy in a woman is different, but there are times when conception differs in a special way. Despite the fact that most women would like to have a normal pregnancy, fate often surprises a woman first with a star baby and then with a rainbow baby after a miscarriage. These terms are probably a bit unfamiliar to you and you want to know what they mean.

When we refer to a star baby, we are talking about a baby who lives in the womb but is not born. The star baby has been able to feel the love of her parents, filling them with illusions, but unfortunately, she had to leave earlier than expected.

When we talk about a rainbow baby, we are referring to the baby that was born after the star baby dies. The star baby is usually very frequent, you should know that if there is no star baby it will not be possible to have a rainbow baby. Carrying the pregnancy of the star baby and the rainbow baby can be a little difficult. The pregnancy of a baby is normal until the outcome occurs, which leads to multiple changes in motherhood and the illusion that it will be born from one moment to the next and that it will be lost.

The star baby will always be part of a family that values ​​him and loves his memory. The storm over the baby’s death can last a long time, but once the pain is relieved. There is a possibility that parents feel the illusion of having another child, who may not arrive or take too long to arrive.

Star Babies

Every day at night we appreciate a physical body, which we know as a star, it is real and natural, but it is a physical body, that we never get close to and we cannot touch it either. The same happens with the baby you conceive, illuminate your life, and dream of seeing soon, but the baby is a star that never comes.

The loss of a star baby is irreparable, we could say that many mothers do not recover from this loss, but in one way or another, they end up learning to live with the loss. The lived experience never stops you from the role of mother, it simply served you to learn to love that little creature that fed on you and from there transformed you into a mother. If this were your case, after losing your first baby, you will have already experienced different and complicated motherhood.

Possibly the anguish of that experience you will never overcome and end up extending it to the other children you have. Although it could happen that your perspective changes, the storm is over and the sun shines for you again; from there your emotions begin to have a transformation, now you wait for your luck to change and you smile again with a new pregnancy.

Feelings After Losing The Baby

The mourning for the children, who die in the womb, the death of the star babies either due to the death of a crib or shortly after birth, represents one of the most painful penalties that both parents face, who were looking forward to loving the arrival of your baby.

It is essential that they can talk about the star baby and admit that after the tragedy that feeling of emptiness produces a combination of joy and guilt when the rainbow baby comes into their lives. It is nothing more than a poetic term given to babies born after the loss of a star baby, which appears as a ray of sunshine after the storm.

It is supportive for parents to be able to recognize and try to understand the emotions they are experiencing, so that they can overcome grief in the best way, continue forward and be prepared to reflect on their future as a family. If this is your case, we can understand you and that is why we explain you the difficult feelings for your life.

Star Baby Is Always Present

You who is a mother of a star baby in your heart, we can understand that you are going through a very difficult stage; you feel that you do not have the physical strength to overcome the grief for the loss of the baby, in addition to dealing daily with depression. However, you must understand that the vita continues and that little creature can transform into a wonderful memory that is always present, specialists ensure that star babies take refuge in the clouds during the day, while they shine in the night sky.

You probably think that this explanation is more poetic than scientific, but we are sure that it will be very useful for your partner and for you, who are surely wondering about how to cope with the grief for the loss of your child, you may think this way does not hide that you lost the baby.

Rainbow Baby

A rainbow baby is one who is born healthy after a mother suffered a perinatal or gestational loss. They are called rainbows because with their arrival they give parents a bright light of life after the storm, with the arrival of the rainbow baby after miscarriage the parents feel support to face the insecurities harbored by the mother in the nine months, fulfilling their dream of holding your baby.

You need to understand the commonality of this situation, even more than you think. This situation includes some complicated experiences. Not only do you have to face the loss of your baby and overcome it, it is also essential that you be able to get excited again about the possibility of getting pregnant again.

Your star baby will always shine inside the heart and a new baby does not mean that it will come to replace it, on the contrary, it will bring you the necessary happiness, you will have the opportunity to get excited again and fulfill the dream of becoming a mother. When the rainbow baby is born, she arrives at the wonderful rainbow, which does not hide the difficulty of the storm, but the arrival of the new baby gives you the hope, the color and the energy represented in the rainbow, in a balanced and. balanced way.

Birth of Rainbow Baby After Miscarriage

In the arrival of the rainbow baby, not everything is good, you must take into account that the main requirement for it to arise is that there has been a storm. When we talk about the storm, we refer to the pain of both parents for the loss of a baby. The context is quite difficult to receive a new creature. As parents are submerged in sadness, then the rainbow baby is born in unfavorable conditions, the fear of the new conception overwhelms them and they begin to feel very distressed about what may happen.

The conditions in which the pregnancy develops make it different, there may even be a bit of pessimism in you and the care is exaggerated. In the same way, the rainbow baby lives up to such a great name, it will fill with color and light the sky that previously was totally gray, it is like a ray of hope that they did not expect and that in order to give themselves a star baby, they had to die. In this sense, the soft smile that occurs is accompanied by fear and memories. Little by little, hope begins to appear, but to be considered a rainbow baby; he must arrive after the storm, an event that intensifies the negative experience.

How Can You Appreciate The Birth Of The Rainbow Baby?

If you are in contact with a family that has just received a rainbow baby or you are recently the mother of a rainbow baby, you can consider the following recommendations to enjoy and value the birth of the rainbow baby without forgetting the star baby:

A Box Of Memories

You can have in a special place some details to honor and commemorate your star baby. By dedicating a special space to remember your star baby, it will make your recovery from loss easier, and then open your heart to a new illusion for a new baby.

Every Duel Is Different

It is essential that you understand that your grief is different from that of other mothers. You may feel guilty about the new baby and feel like you betray the star baby’s memories when you smile. Understand that becoming a mother again or resuming your activities does not mean that you must put aside the past, it is just that you must learn to live with the memory. Each person takes the duel personally; there is no exact way to do it. Nor is it mandatory that you view your future with pessimism, on the contrary, do not refuse to see the light of optimism towards the future when thinking about that little person who is no longer with you.

Recognize That You Need Help

The fact that you can count on a specialist is widely used to overcome the depression that is generated after childbirth (most women can be affected by it, it is normal). The specialist will help you find comfort after you have lost the star baby. Healing your emotional wounds will be easier when talking to someone who has the appropriate knowledge, and allows you to think calmly about a probable pregnancy.

Avoid Behaviors That Could Affect The New Baby

The new pregnancy can develop around a certain fear or periods of anxiety due to facing another fatal outcome. As a mother, it is in your best interest to be under strict medical supervision, in order to reach the delivery in a healthy way and avoid the anguish that is generated after the birth, which can cause overprotection to the rainbow baby.

Learn To Live Without The Star Baby

We must be realistic, there is no magic answer on how to learn to live without your deceased baby, nor is there a sure way to do it. Time and patience will be of good support, but really a mother never fully recovers from the loss of a baby, yet she learns to deal with her pain. The experience will serve you to learn to love that beautiful creature that grew in your womb, even if today it does not accompany you physically.

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