Owlet vs Baby Vida Baby Oxygen Monitor Reviews in 2023

While parents are always worried about taking care of their precious baby and their baby’s safety and specifically, it comes to your mind when the baby is a newborn and sleeps in a crippled job.

Almost every year, newborn baby products appear to not only support you in this whole parenting duty but to support and give you peace of mind.

On account of watching your baby when the baby is asleep, you can use the baby products owlet vs baby vida oxygen monitors, and any of these baby products is not too tough to watch on it.

Notwithstanding the baby product name is heard slightly scary, oxygen and heart monitors are easy and manageable tools, and they make sure that your baby is comfortable throughout the night. Both the baby product is used right on your baby’s heel to assure that they are in a secure place.

Owlet vs Baby Vida Baby

Although the owlet vs baby vida oxygen monitors work, there are particular qualities that both products share, and then alarmed alternatives that placed them distant from each other.

After mentioning both products in detail, let us have a glance at which one will be the best for your baby.

Owlet Baby Monitor

Owlet Baby Monitor


As an oxygen monitor concept, the owlet baby oxygen monitors to access a long way from the start point of the Smart Sock to a Second Smart Sock. Now it is the third invention of Smart Sock.

It is an innovative sock that is smarter than the other active socks. It is stylish in design and upgrades in use. This product work is so remarkable, and it will alert you everything about your baby.

It will also alarm you about the baby’s gentle motion in the bed. The Owlet Smart Sock 3 baby monitor traces the obligations of the baby at the time when your baby sleeps.

This product supports quick and fast wireless charging to recharge Owlet socks in less than 100 minutes. After putting the Owlet monitor on the Base Station, it will recharge within less than 15 minutes and remain there for up to nine-hour. It is suitable for babies from 0 to18 months old.

  • The owlet baby oxygen monitor can trace the level of the baby’s heart rate and oxygen.
  • It is accessible to measure how well the baby and how long the baby slept.
  • This product is single-handed and charges speed.
  • It is connectable with a phone app and adaptable with Android or iOS devices.
  • The Owlet Smart Baby Oxygen Monitor work as a sensor of room temperature
  • The charging system works efficiently and fast.
  • A charge of battery life is stable for Up to 16 hours.
  • The Owlet Smart Baby Oxygen Monitor is quite expensive.
  • Sometimes the alarms are false.
  • In a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network, it is not adaptable.

Owlet Baby Monitor Reviews

This product is a life-changing gadget. Using this product, you can check up on your baby and observe a sound sleep at night. This product plays a vital role in measuring the heart rate and oxygen level of the baby. For a couple of months, using and there is no disturbance happen. The product is easily reachable within a bit of distance from upstairs to base.

It gives parents peace of mind. It can link your phone easily.

While using the owlet, there is no false alarm alert. So it is so helpful, smart sock


Baby Vida Baby Oxygen Monitor

Baby Vida Baby Oxygen Monitor


The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor is a one-kind sock that purpose in your baby’s foot. It is easy to use on the baby and makes them feel comfortable. The Baby Vida is accessible both in portable and wireless.

The monitor of the product has to connect with the apps, which you can download android and keep on track of your baby’s movement. Whenever your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level are low down, you’ll get an alert alarm on your phone. It will alert you also at midnight to help your baby from potential harm.

While using first-time Baby Vida, you will have the choice in your apps for choosing what age reach your baby is now, comprising 0-3 months and 3-12 months. Because both have a different standard heart and oxygen level list as your advantage. Although this is helpful for both you and your baby.

  • Baby Vida monitor is easy to access.
  • There are limits listed of oxygen levels and heart rate that are adjustable.
  • The Monitors of oxygen and heart rate appear like another sock, so it is not obscure for a baby.
  • It is usable with apps via Bluetooth, so you do not need a Wi-Fi connection to use it.
  • It is convenient as apps, so the socks are adaptable among Android or iOS devices.
  • The range of Baby Vida is 60 ft.
  • The charge is stable for up to 18 hours, and within 3 hours, it is fully charged again.
  • In price, considered at a cheap rate.
  • It can not use for premature babies because they have tiny feet.
  • It can not place accurately because the sensor is solid.
  • Sometimes it provides incorrect translations.
  • The heart rhythms of an abnormal baby are not able to read.
  • Sometimes the baby can take it off.

Baby Vida Baby Oxygen Monitor Reviews

The Baby Vida product is a peace of mind for you and your baby. It is an outstanding product for the new parent. It is convenient for alarming the baby’s heart and oxygen rates. You can go to sleep with a peaceful mind because the Baby Vida is serving in monitoring your baby’s safety.

As a new parent, I still check whether my baby is well. But late at night, when I go to sleep, I feel more comfortableOnce the Baby Vida puts it on with a support sock, then it works great. As it is a work Via Bluetooth, so I do not have any disconnect problem.


Baby Vida vs Owlet Baby Oxygen Monitor (The Differences)

Baby Vida vs. Owlet baby Oxygen Monitors both the products are used for uses of newborn baby’s heart rate and oxygen monitors. But on behalf of features, there is a bit of difference between these two baby products.

Which are given below:

Feature(Baby products) Baby Vida Oxygen Monitors Owlet Oxygen Monitors
Battery lifetime 18 hours 12-18(hours)
Cost Low cost A little pricer
Connectivity Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Range 60ft. 100ft.

I mention the above table, you can see, there is to remain a difference between these two baby products features.

Range, Connectivity and Battery

In range frequency, between two products, The Owlet Smart Sock 3 has a 100 feet range, but the Baby Vida is in short-range with only 60 feet range.

However, in battery work, the Baby Vida can remain about 18 hours of charge noticeably, the Owlet smart oxygen monitor can hold the battery warning up to 16 hours. These two products can recharge within three hours or less time. But the Owlet smart shock can gain the chargeback within 15 minutes, and its works for 9hours. Baby Vida baby products are portable work without Bluetooth, and the Owlet smart sock is not workable without Wi-Fi. Sometimes the Owlet smart sock can use without Wi-Fi but using Bluetooth and will not work in the base station. If you want to watch live reviews, you will need Fi.


If you think about the price, Baby Vida is available in half of the cost of the Owlet Baby sock. Because of the technology of the Owlet, it is relatively expensive.

Which Product Is Best

Both the Baby Vida Vs Owlet Baby Oxygen Monitor are benefits for your baby helping.

These two products can run through the apps all day long or night. Both the baby products are able to read heart rate and level. Both the products play a vital role for your baby, but there is a fact to acknowledge.

The first is about cost.

The Baby Vida is low-cost rather than the Owlet Baby socks. Virtually for the same thing, The Baby Vida is half of the price than the Owlet.

The Second is about the duration battery charge.

It held the Owlet baby products battery range from 12 to 18 hours, but the Baby Vida, continued up to 18 hours.

Besides these, the Baby Vida socks are available in two different sizes for your growing baby.

Overall, it can say that the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor has a heavier feature option rather than the Owlet baby socks. So as a parent, think over that always stronger option will provide you secure peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

At last, it can say that both the Baby Vida vs Owlet Baby Oxygen Monitor is beneficial for keeping track of your baby’s health condition and well-being all day long when they will sleep. But we should never use it due to the cause of a medical emergency. At the cause of heart rate, these monitors are very convenient. It can monitor in deep of baby’s heart. But it is not a substitution for a medical emergency.

It is only natural to watch at the moving heart rate and oxygen monitor as with the Baby Vida and Owlet as a parent to feel you better. Even if you never know that a dependable baby product existed, which is considerable for newer parents who have a newborn baby, especially those who are more worried about the baby.

At last in this case, we can say it between two similar baby products the Baby Vida is going to be the best choice.

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