New Parents Sharing Small Room With Baby Ideas

One of the sweetest moments of pregnancy is when parents prepare the room for baby, a warm place that can clothe you at night. A new stay, for first-time parents, which take care of to the smallest of details.

However, in addition to the decorative part, which is also essential, there are crucial things like the baby’s crib. It is necessary to look at this aspect so that it is safe for the newborn.

Types of Baby Crib Beddings

Since your child is born and until about three years old, the place where he sleeps should adapt to specific needs based on his size and aspects such as, for example, the size of your room.

However, you should know that there are three types of cribs for your baby: mini-cribs, cribs, and travel costs.

Regardless of the different models that exist for each of these types, the measures, mobility, and your choice of sleeping with the baby in the same room for a few months are the basic criteria that will help you differentiate them.

Best One for Newborn

The first night at home, you do not want to separate from the baby, and the case is that you cannot. So you should have planned if you prefer the classic bassinet (baby basket) or mini-cot. They have the advantage of being so small they are placed in your room even if it is reduced.

Besides, during the first months of the baby, coinciding with the most intense period of breastfeeding. Having the child close, practically sleeping next to you, facilitates the task of feeding him correctly during the night cycles.

Also, since mini-cribs usually have wheels, you can move your child around the house and always have them next to you. You will not need accessories to prevent the baby from hitting since they are designed so that it does not run any risk by staying there.

You can also choose a model of a mini-cot cradle, which has one of the removable sides. So that you can put it to your bed and that your baby sleeps even closer to you.

The only problem with mini-cribs is that they have a short period of life. It will depend on the size of your child, but at 5 or 6 months, your baby may be uncomfortable.

Custom Baby Bedding for Your Room

The first thing you should know is that there is a stringent European regulation that determines the characteristics that your baby crib bedding should have.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy it at an authorized center and check the packaging to see if it complies. Materials and varnishes must be “non-toxic.”

The distance between bars should be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. The depth of mattress, the protection of edges, or the obligation to have brakes regulated, in the case of models with wheels.

A good option is wooden cribs; in fact, most of the cribs are made of this material. This model is efficient because it allows you to adjust the mattress at two heights as your baby grows.

The height of the mattress is essential for two reasons: on the one hand, it is more comfortable than when you are very young you have the child higher, closer to the parents so that they can see it and take it more comfortably.

On the other, going down the mattress will prevent the child from falling out of the crib when he can stand up.

Therefore, if your room is spacious, a crib model with an adjustable height mattress and railing that could be lower could prevent you from buying the mini-crib or bassinet.

Rest in the Baby Crib Bedding

The answer is yes. There are classic cribs and larger models that, in reality, are slightly shorter beds once you remove the bars.

The problem with this more versatile proposal is that at first, you will find that your baby’s rest space is too large and you may worry that the child feels lost.

For cases where the chosen crib is very spacious, there are specific cushions that allow you to narrow the baby’s space.

There are many types of best baby cribs for infants, although the bars allow you to see the child more easily than those that are fully covered.

Of course, keep in mind that when your child begins to move, it is advisable to place bumps (foam or soft material protections) designed to cover the inside of the baby crib bedding. Also avoid bumping against the limits of the crib with their movements.

Best Baby Crib Bedding Mattress

In principle, any version of a crib that is approved will help your child rest. However, you should look for the right mattress.

Mini-cribs and bassinets are usually sold with mats. Nevertheless, if you opt for a crib that will last you longer, it is good that you invest in a crib mattress (there are them for all pockets and of different materials: foam, springs, combined, and latex) that ensures the child’s rest.

Travel Cot

They are perfect for grandparents’ homes, second homes, or if you are a family that will often travel and prefers to bring their crib to hotels.

Although they are not recommended for use as a usual crib, you should not doubt their suitability for long periods such as vacations.

Its essential characteristic is that they are efficient, light, easy to fold, and transport. Moreover, as in the rest of the models, travel cots can have different mattress thicknesses and with two positions in height.

Basics for Preparing Baby Crib Bedding Sets

What should you consider to make the baby crib bedding? If you are preparing things for the arrival of the baby, it is time to know some practical tips to prepare the baby’s crib, systematically. Thus, we propose 12 tips to prepare the baby crib bedding below.

European Regulations

Before buying a crib, the first thing you have to look for is whether it is an approved model that complies with European regulations UNE-EN 716-1: 2008.

Size of The Room

The size of the baby’s room is decisive for choosing the crib. The cradle you select will have to adapt to the dimensions of this room, without being an obstacle to enter and exit and leaving enough free space around.


The distance between the bars should never exceed 6 centimeters. It is a safety measure so that the child cannot put his head between them or escape quickly.

Crib Height

Also, the height of the crib should prevent the baby, once again older and when standing up, can try to leave. It is recommended that this height be at least 60 centimeters between the mattress and the railing.


It will be necessary that the cradle has protectors around to avoid possible blows. Also, the crib should not include unpolished corners, as they can be potentially dangerous for a child.

The Material

The baby’s crib should be made of non-toxic materials specially crib sheet. Because there is a stage in all babies, in which they take everything in their mouths. It is essential, therefore, that the materials chosen for the crib are free of toxic elements.

Location of Crib

Another consideration to consider is the location of the crib. It must be away from the window. Although the height of it is already a guarantee of security, an open window, close to the crib, is not safe.

Crib Mattress

The crib mattress is also an essential accessory for the baby in the choice of the crib. The most advisable thing is that it is a firm mattress, correctly adjusted to the cradle space.

Protector on Mattress

Although it is evident, it should be noted that it is essential to place a protector on this mattress to prevent it from staining or getting wet.

Crib Cloth

As for the crib clothes, there are many different models and materials ideal to put your baby to bed at night. Even so, the most advisable are those that fit the mattress perfectly and are made of cotton, since they allow perspiration.

Ties and Ribbons

Avoid bedding with ties and ribbons; it can be potentially dangerous for the little one, who could end up curling up with those strips.


As for the pillow, it is not necessary for principle. Newborns do not need it.

Cot or Mini Crib

Many new parents decide to opt for a crib instead of a crib during the first months of the baby’s life. It is not a wrong choice. The reason is simple; in a mini-cradle, the baby feels much more protected and protected.

When leaving the mother’s womb, the baby faces the outside and must adapt to a host of external stimuli. This mini crib makes you feel warm and collected.

In addition, it can be seen as a portable crib, which occupies less space and can be placed next to the parents’ bed during the first months.

So, should you choose a mini crib then? In the end, you will surely have to buy a crib anyway. However, it can be an excellent start to make it more comfortable in the first months of life for your little one.

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