How To Transition From Crib To Bed?

When we have a young child, there are several important stages where they indicate that they are getting older without realizing it. One of those moments is when we decide how to transition from crib to bed because we begin to see that it has outgrown.

The transition of the child to sleep in a larger bed always gives us fear due to the concerns it generates. Will you notice the difference between your crib and sleep worse? Is there a danger that he will inadvertently fall while sleeping? Is there something missing in the room so that you are well at ease from the beginning in your room?

It may seem that simply putting on a bed and removing the crib is solved. But you have to take into account more factors such as the children ‘s room decoration since it has gone from being a baby to a child where it already begins to clearly show its tastes and hobbies. It usually involves renovating the furniture because you need more space to store your clothes and toys. In addition, the need to prepare new spaces in your bedroom as a place to do your homework, or a place to put your computer.

How To Transition From Crib To Bed Step By Step

So next, we are going to give you some practical advice on when to remove the baby’s crib. We will see the main types of children’s beds most suitable for children. Finally, we will analyze what complements and accessories we can use to renew the style of our little one’s room.

When To Move The Baby From Crib To Bed?

Inevitably, there is always a time in life when we must decide when to move the baby from his crib to a bed. There is no stipulated minimum age; we simply have to be guided by common sense.

The great feature of a crib is that it is fenced on all four sides. So that the baby cannot fall while asleep and cannot get in or out on his, own.

However, there comes a time when the little one’s dexterity is so agile that we find him jumping the crib barrier by himself. This will definitely be the right time to start sleeping in a bed, where you can come and go on your own without the need for mom or dad to help you.

There are many models of cribs that can be converted into a bed by removing the two side rails. But you must bear in mind that a crib measures 60 × 120 or at most 70 × 140 and in a couple of years it will be too small. Therefore, it is more advisable to furnish your room with some type of children’s bed that ranges from 80 × 190 to 105 × 200 cm.

In addition to having more space to sleep comfortably, the bed bases are stronger and more resistant to withstand the greater weight that the child acquires as he grows.

Types of Children’s Beds For Children

Once you have decided to move from the crib to the bed, the first thing is to change the main furniture in the child’s bedroom.

  • High Beds:

A single bed is located higher from the ground. With two important characteristics:

The space under the bed is usable. Either for drawers or for a sofa that can be used to store clothes. Alternatively, even a trailing trundle bed in case we want to have a second bed to sleep on.

During the first years that the child sleeps in the bed, it is advisable to put a small railing. On top of a tall piece of furniture where the bed base is more than 50 centimeters from the floor, this accessory is essential.

  • Compact Furniture:

Before we commented that when we move the child from the crib to the bed, the needs in the room change. Therefore, sometimes it is appropriate to buy a piece of furniture where it also has a desk, a closet and / or a table with drawers attached.

  • Folding Beds:

The dimensions of a children’s bed are much larger than a baby crib. If we find that space is scarce in the child’s bedroom, a good alternative is to use a folding bed. Therefore, during the day it is folded and hidden, and only at night when you go to sleep, the bed is opened.

  • Bunk Beds:

As if we can find families where the brothers must share a bedroom. So children’s beds and bunk beds are one of the busiest options due to the optimal use they make of space.

If a loft bed took advantage of the space underneath, in a bunk the upper use is maximized with a second bed.

  • Montessori Houses:

The last type of bed for children that are becoming more fashionable is the Montessori house. Where the bed base is located at ground level and is surrounded by a characteristic decorative structure in the shape of a house.

How To Redecorate The Child’s Room?

When moving the child from the crib to the bed, in addition to changing the furniture, it is also the ideal time to renew the style of his room. When it is a baby, the design is made with the tastes of the mother and/or father. Now that he is 3 years old, the little one already has his tastes and preferences well defined.

How To Redecorate The Child’s Room

It may be that you really like a specific color; you want to have a fantasy, superhero atmosphere. So it is the perfect occasion to redecorate.

On an aesthetic level, the most visible elements are the bedding, the curtains, and the light fixture. So you can choose textiles with a cheerful pattern and a lamp with a fun shape. Then to complement the decoration you can use garlands, pictures, shelves, coat racks, mirrors, vinyl, or wallpaper.

We can also take advantage of the use of children’s accessories for the bedroom such as a rug or a sod house so that the child can play on the floor. A comfortable beanbag to sit, lie down or support your feet. Or a whiteboard to unleash your creations.

As you have seen, moving the baby from the crib to the bed is a crucial moment that you can take advantage of to undertake major changes in their room, both in furniture and decoration.

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