How to Start Labor Contractions Naturally and Fast Way?

There are many ways to advance the birth of the baby in a natural and safe way for the mother and the child, which have been implemented by future mothers over the years, because, when the end of the gestation weeks, still they do not experience labor symptoms.

The gestation process of a woman is characterized by being quite complex and full of a series of physical and emotional changes, starting with general discomfort, cravings, mood swings, and belly bulging, among others. Also, the expectant mother should start preparing in advance the baby basket, her room, the name that she will put on it, etc.

How to Start Labor Contractions Naturally At 38 Weeks

For its part, for an average of 280 days, the fetus must develop organs and limbs, and create mobility, among other aspects. In this way, in the 38th week of pregnancy, the baby will be ready to be born, weighing approximately 3,200 grams and about 51 centimeters tall.

Similarly, there are mothers who reach week 39 of pregnancy without experiencing any symptoms, which is not considered dangerous, because the baby enriches its reserve of nutrients using this extra time.

However, those who exceed the 40-week barrier should consult their GP, since, from week 42, the placenta begins to calcify, which is counterproductive for the unborn child, due to that the feeding generated through the umbilical cord will not be the same as during the normal range of gestation time. In this sense, the ideal is to induce labor in a natural way, through a series of techniques, exercises, postures, and food intake.

Proven Ways To Induce Labor At Home

If your pregnancy has reached the 39th week and the baby still does not show signs that it wants to come out, you should start thinking about how can I make yourself go into labor right now in a natural way. Here are some recommendations.

Walk and Dance

Among the most recommended exercises to advance labor is daily walking and dancing moving the hips to the rhythm of the expectant mother’s favorite rhythm. This is because, with the movement made, the baby will begin to go down the so-called birth canal until it fits in, which results in the induction of labor.

For this process, in which the uterine canal is softened by the descent of the baby, to be carried out successfully, the maternity will need to walk for at least two hours a day, preferably on uneven terrain in the open air. You can also go up and down stairs.

Whatever the case, you should use special footwear that protects the feet and provides a correct grip, to avoid unexpected slipping. However, during the last weeks of pregnancy, women’s feet tend to retain fluid and look swollen, so you will probably have to learn step by step how to make hiking boots larger , or any other footwear that is comfortable for you.

If this topic interests you, we will explain it briefly. You just have to take a ziploc-type bag and pour water into it, then seal it and insert it inside the footwear. Then, put the boot in the freezer until the water solidifies and let it melt to remove it. Of course, this is one of the many tricks that exist.

Pilates Ball Exercises

As we mentioned earlier, keeping the pelvic region moving is essential for the baby to fit in, due to the effect of gravity, and go through the dilation process necessary to give birth. In this sense, there are some simple exercises to perform, with the help of the well-known Pilates ball.

Pilates Ball Exercises

You can start by sitting on the ball being very careful not to tip over. Thus, the accumulated tension in the pelvic bone is released. Also, if you lean over the ball, you will relax the pelvic muscle system, which will gradually help the baby descend through the vagina.

Another of the postures to advance labor with the pilates ball is to sit on it, but with your legs open and your back straight. Then rock your pelvis back and forth or vice versa. Remember to perform this therapy daily and you will enhance the long-awaited dilation. To this, you can add the squatting posture, in which you must support your hands on the ball, to maintain the stability of the body and facilitate the pelvic opening.

Pelvic Floor Contraction

Performing the pelvic floor contraction daily, for periods no longer than 15 minutes, is a highly recommended procedure to strengthen the said area and induce labor naturally. In addition, according to experts, it helps prevent tears during labor.

Have Sex

Unlike what many people may think about having sex during pregnancy, carrying out this physical act in the last week of gestation is recommended to stimulate the cervix, due to the contraction experienced after orgasm. In addition, the semen expelled by the man fulfills the function of shortening the cervix, thanks to the action of prostaglandin.

Chocolate and Spicy

Some foods have the power to speed up labor contractions. For example, it is said that when the pregnant woman consumes chocolate in any of its presentations, the baby tends to increase its mobility, which allows it to break the bag to start labor.

For its part, spicy food in pregnancy is responsible for generating a slight irritation at the level of the intestinal mucosa, which immediately causes a movement in the gastrointestinal tract. In this way, contractions are promoted.

These are just some of the main recommendations to induce labor in a natural way. Similarly, when meditating, sharing with pets or loved ones, laughing, and crying, the maternity will be releasing natural oxytocin, which is the female hormone responsible for dilating the cervix to give way to labor.

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