How To Knit a Baby Blanket – Healthy Tips For Patents [2023]

Do you want to gift your newborn baby a blanket that you’ve made? Are you tensed to make a blanket without any experience? In this regard, we are discussing for you how to knit a baby blanket step by step.

The blanket is essential for a newborn baby, and every mother wants to make the special blanket herself. But knitting a baby blanket is not an easy task, especially when you have zero experience in knitting any cloth.

Now, the time comes for consulting to knit a baby blanket. You will be happy to learn because the procedure for making a blanket will seem quite clear and easy for you.

9 Steps For Parents: How to Knit a Baby Blanket

You will find a step-by-step knitting procedure and some great designs. Common questions that people generally ask about knitting a blanket and their solutions will be here. Finally, Extra tips will make you confident about knitting your own baby’s blanket.

Knit a Baby Blanket

Collect Different Sizes of Skeins of a Tender Yarn

Looking for a quick and easy-knit baby blanket for beginners? Yes, it is possible. You have to hold two strands of thread together and knit the strands at one time. For the easiest baby blanket to knit, you’ll require eight regular-sized or four double-sized skeins.

Soft, tender, and medium-weight with preferable color yarn are suitable for a baby blanket. A particular type of baby blanket yarn is available in the craft supply store. This is made for only knitting baby blankets. Blend of wool with acrylic yarn will be machine washable.

Picking Up Two Circular Knitting Needles

Here comes to selecting the needle for knitting. To make a simple and easiest baby blanket, you have to collect US size 11(0.8 mm) circular knitting needles pair. Just ensure that the needle is connected with a long cable between them. This makes sure plenty of space for your stitches.

Straight needles are difficult for knitting because the weight of the thread pulls down on the ends of the straight needle. This is why a circular knitting needle is the best option.

Generating a Slipknot on Right-Hand Needle and Cast on Stitches

It is considered the first cast-on stitch. Holding the one strand from two separate skeins of yarn, make sure the strands are together, and the ends are even.

Looping the two working yarn strands around your middle and index finger for two times, pull the first loop through the second loop. For tightening the knot, you have to pull the tail of the yarn. Finally, glide the off from your fingers to the right-hand needle.

Knitting with Garter Stitch

When it comes to easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners, people often think about garter stitch. It is the basic stitch pattern and is suitable for beginners. You have to knit every row in garter stitch.

So, it is possible to make a good blanket with a garter stitch even before you learn to knit purl. Firstly, bring the working needle to the right-hand side.

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Then insert it into the first stitch that you cast before. Loop the yarn at the end of the needle and pull the loop through the old stitch. Then glide off the old stitch at the end of the needle as the new stitch forms.

Knitting with Special Stitch

There are many types of knitting stitches. Every sample is different from another. If you want to produce a blanket with texture, then you can learn Brioche stitch, Rice stitch, waffle stitch, etc. Be careful about choosing a stitch that is beyond your skill.

Making Chunky Stitch

If you want to make a simple design with color yarn, you can use different color yarn every ten rows. To change color, you have to tie the end of one skein of yarn to the beginning of a new skein of yarn.

Make The Blanket 110 Cm Long

Generally, a baby blanket has 160 rows. It measures 110 cm. So, when you find that you are going out of yarn, it should be the end rows of the blanket. You can make a longer blanket as your desire.

Tie Up the Final Row To Start Finishing

After finishing the last row of stitching, tie a knot through the final stitch to ensure the stitch security. Then cut the yarn, keeping 6 inches from the final stitch. It is an optional task. But what you have to ensure is to pass the yarn through the eye of the needle. Then weave the awl in and out of the brink of your baby’s blanket.

Make a Satin Border and Join With The Rough Edge of the Blanket

Finally, for decorative and functional purposes, you have to collect a satin border from the craft supply store and join the satin border around the brink of the blanket. You better cut the border into pieces and join them around the blankets.


How Many Stitches Are Needed To Knit a Baby Blanket?

  • If you do 130 stitches in each row, then you can count how many stitches are needed in 160 rows. Generally, a baby’s blanket has a length of 110 cm.

How Much Time Do I Need To Knit a Baby Blanket?

  • It depends on your experience and how fast you can knit. For a beginner, it may take two weeks, but for an experienced person, it may take less than a week.

What Size Needles For a Baby Blanket?

  • The most usable lengths of the needle are 16”, 24”, 32”, and 40”. All of these needles work well. But if you want to use a different yarn, then the needle size can vary.

Can You Knit a Blanket On Straight Needles?

  • Kitting a baby blanket with a straight or circular needle is very much possible. For a straight needle, just ensure that the needle is long enough to assume the whole width of the blanket without bunching up. This is also the reply to knitting a baby blanket on straight needles.

Final Note

These are the simplest steps to making a baby blanket without any hazards. The knitting of the blanket is not an easy task for the first-timer. Sometimes you will face some difficulties.

So, as a new learner, you should follow these knitting processes. Remember that you have to make the blanket almost perfect. So, sew gradually to avoid snagging at the edge of the blanket. Do not try to switch different sizes of the needle in one blanket.

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