How to Choose Baby Mattress? (According to Expert Parents)

Obviously, the best mattress for a crib is the one that covers all the rest needs of our baby. But do we know what are all the aspects that we must consider? What material is better: latex, memory foam, foam, or springs?

Then we clear all the doubts about the characteristics that the best mattress for a crib should have.

Characteristics of How to Choose Baby Mattress?

What are the factors that we must consider when choosing a crib mattress:

  • Firm and durable structure: On average up to two years, our baby spends 50% of the time sleeping, so it is essential to choose a firm base that evenly distributes the baby’s weight. In this way, we minimize the risk: of a malformation in the development of his spine, or of the appearance of plagiocephaly of his head.
  • Temperature control: it is important to choose a mattress that uses breathable materials and thus can regulate the temperature, preventing it from providing too much heat in summer. A mattress with a correct ventilation system considerably reduces the risk of sudden death in the infant.
  • Anti-allergic materials: we must ensure that the materials and the protector or covers are hypoallergenic to avoid irritation to the skin or asthma of our baby. Some even have a component to repel mites or bacteria.
  • Removable protective cover: on many occasions, the mattress can be impregnated with stains from vomit, sweat or any other substance, so it is vital that it has a protective cover that can be easily removed so that it can be washed.
  • Adjusted to the crib: the ideal is that the mattress fits well to the bed base of the crib so that there is not much space left over and the baby cannot fit his foot or any other part of his body. So at most, the slack should be half the width of our finger and at least enough to be able to attack the sheets.

Parts of a Crib Mattress

Before starting the buying process, we must know the parts of a mattress to better understand the advertising or information that stores provide.

The Cover

It is the upper part, it is recommended that the fabrics be hypoallergenic and breathable in case it is in direct contact with our baby’s skin.

Crib Mattress Cover

Although many mattresses have a removable cover, we can find that in some it is fixed, so it is necessary to buy a mattress protector to be able to wash the stains that we have commented on previously.

The Padding

Between the cores of the mattress, there is always a padding or filling that provides comfort to the support of the body.  They can be made of different materials, although the best thing is that it is made of textile fiber to obtain more breathability.

The Nucleus

It is the central and most important part of the mattress since it determines its firmness and durability. The most common are spring (remember that they also have small padding), foam, latex, or memory foam, although you can also find other materials on the market.

The Sides

As its name indicates, they are the sides of the mattress, which are reinforced to give maximum resistance and duration. Large beds, usually have aeration valves or handle to better grip the mattress, but in crib sizes, it is not necessary to find valves or handles.

So when you see a latex or memory foam mattress advertised, keep in mind that the thickness of the entire mattress is usually approximately 11 cm and only the core is composed of this material, since the cover is usually cotton and the padding polyester or similar padding.

Before addressing the different types of baby crib mattresses that can be found, we anticipate the 3 best-selling 120 × 60 cm mattresses with the best value for money.

What is The Best Crib Mattress For Babies?

So what is the best crib mattress? The most common that we can find are:

  • Spring mattresses:

The weight of the baby is not very high, so this type of mattress can be excessively firm and not fit perfectly to the baby’s body, causing plagiocephaly or poor development of the spine.

  • Polyurethane foam mattresses:

They are usually the cheapest but have the drawback that it stores body heat and does not have a good ventilation system, they are also less durable since they can soften over time; keep in mind that the baby will sleep in its cradle for up to 3 or 4 years.

  • Latex mattress:

It offers the baby a good firmness but if they are not made of natural latex, they can give off heat to the baby’s body and can cause them to sweat, so it is very important. If you opt for the option that it has a ventilation system, (that is why it is common that these mattresses have small holes in their entire base) and that they are made of natural latex.

  • Memory foam mattresses:

It reduces the pressure and distributes the weight evenly over the entire surface offering good support. This makes them have a higher price than the rest.

  • Other mattresses for 60 or 70-cm cribs:

Due to the increase in concern about getting anti-suffocation mattresses (the previous ones also have this function), you can find some less common materials such as coconut fiber, HR foam, etc … You can find more information at the European Institute for Sleep Quality.

As you can see, it is not easy to know which is the best mattress for a crib, but in principle, it seems that those made of memory foam and those of natural latex with a correct ventilation system are the most suitable.

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