How to Choose a Crib Mattress for Baby Nursery?

If the choice of the baby crib is an important decision for parents, the mattress is no less so. Your baby will spend most of the day in a crib and it is worth ensuring their safety and comfort.

The crib mattress, in addition to having to be pleasant so that your child can rest as well as possible, plays a fundamental role in their health and that is why it is important that it help to minimize the risk of sudden death due to asphyxia and positional plagiocephaly.

How To Choose a Baby Crib Mattress?

The crib mattress is one of the essential elements to guarantee the comfort and safety of the baby. The place where the little one sleeps must be 100% safe since they will spend many hours in it. Different criteria must be taken into account: size, density and even material. We tell you what are the essential aspects that must be analyzed before buying a baby mattress.

How to Choose a Crib Mattress

The size of the baby mattress is the most important criterion. In fact, different studies have shown that a mattress, which is too small, increases the risk of accidents and suffocation for babies. To reduce this risk, there should be no space between the edges of the crib and the mattress.

In short, the dimensions of the mattress must be identical to those of the carrycot or crib. These are the most common standard sizes for cribs:

  • 60 × 120 cm (crib and crib mattress);
  • 70 × 140 cm (crib and crib mattress);
  • 45 × 90 cm (carrycot and carrycot mattress);
  • 86 × 43 cm (carrycot and carrycot mattress).

Some mattresses have different faces (summer/winter). The essential thing is to choose a mattress that is breathable, can ventilate well, and therefore allows the little one to regulate his temperature well.

As for hygiene, opt for a mattress that is completely removable, with a natural fiber cover and that can be washed in the washing machine.

We remind you that, before 6 months, the baby must sleep without a pillow, bedspread or crib protector. Of course, you can use fitted baby crib sheets and sleeping bags.

How To Choose a Healthy Baby Mattress?

For most parents, a healthy baby mattress should be antibacterial and anti-mite. However, unlike adult mattresses, this is not the case with baby mattresses. In fact, so-called “anti” products are treated with biocidal products, which can be toxic to babies.

  • Antibacterial and Anti-mite Treatments For Baby Mattresses

Chemicals that kill living organisms (biocides) such as isothiazolinones or the fungicide thiabendazole are unsuitable for newborns and can cause both skin and respiratory reactions.

The natural materials used in the manufacture of baby mattresses are more breathable than synthetic materials. In addition, they are free of petroleum derivatives (from plastics) and guarantee greater comfort for the skin and respiratory tract.

The important thing is that you provide your baby with a mattress with a skin (woven fabric) of natural fibers that is as natural and respectful as possible with the little one. In short, go for the natural.

Preferably, choose protective covers for the mattress and baby bedding that are ecological or with the OEKO-TEX seal. Try to read the label carefully and avoid products with biocidal treatments.

  • Is it Necessary To use a Waterproof Mattress Protector on The Baby’s Mattress?

Beware of PVC mattress protectors. Although parents may be concerned about hygiene, keep in mind that many childcare items are far from recommended.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

A mattress protector or mattress topper that does not allow air to pass through, such as coated fabrics, can have a harmful effect on the mattress. This can lead to mold and unpleasant odors.

It should be noted that natural materials do not retain water and are therefore naturally anti-humidity. Of course, it is advisable to have a cotton mattress topper and a fitted sheet to ensure that the mattress has a long lifespan and impeccable hygiene for the baby.

Criteria for choosing a baby mattress as healthy as possible:

  • Absence of solvents
  • Absence of petrochemical derivatives
  • Absence of biocidal treatments (anti-mites, anti-bacterial)
  • Breathable mattress
  • Presence of natural fibers (aloe vera, bamboo, coconut, latex)

And when you’ve chosen the most suitable baby mattress, go to sleep like a dormouse!

How To Choose Without Making a Mistake?

In the first months of our baby’s life, the bones of the skull are not completely united and simply from sleeping several hours in a row on the back or on the stomach there is a risk of suffering from positional plagiocephaly or asphyxia.

Hence, the correct firmness and the characteristics of its materials are two very important things that you should take into account.

Although the price, logically, always influences, health issues and is more related to the little ones, it is not necessary to look so much for savings as for their safety and comfort.

Key Characteristics of a Good Crib Mattress

When looking for the perfect mattress for your baby’s crib there are 3 fundamental aspects that you should take into account:

  • Material

You can find polyurethane foam (you will also see it as HR or high resistance foam, cheaper), with a layer of memory foam on the foam (more expensive but ergonomic), latex (firm, soft and more natural, always and when they are made of natural latex), with 3D fabric in the cover (of greater breathability), even some option of springs (we do not recommend them for a baby).

  • Hardness

Some people complain that the crib mattress is too rigid, but in reality, firm mattresses are recommended for babies. Find a mattress that evenly distributes your baby’s weight to reduce the risk of plagiocephaly and spinal defects.

  • Breathability

The materials of the mattress in which your baby will sleep is something, without a doubt, of vital importance. That you can breathe without problems is essential. That is why it is so important that it has good breathability and a good ventilation system. In addition, good ventilation will help your little one not sweat or get hot in bed, improving their rest.

Practical Tips For Choosing a Good Crib Mattress

To help you make the right purchase, here are the key points.

  • Washable

It is common for the baby to leak pee or poop, and vomit a little milk … For this reason, we recommend that you look for mattresses whose covers can be easily removed and machine-washed.

It is also very useful that the mattress can be easily washed by hand. Because even if you put a waterproof cover (which is something we recommend), if the amount spilled is a lot, it will transfer (from experience with my first child) and being able to wash the cover and know that the mattress is intact is essential. If not, the mattress will lose hygiene and we are leaving the door open to the appearance of unwanted guests such as bacteria, fungi, and mites.

  • Measurements

Measure your baby’s crib and make sure the mattress fits perfectly.

It is necessary to know the interior measurements of the crib, since if the interior measurement of the crib is 121 x 61 cm. or 122 x 62 cm, you should choose the 120 x 60 cm crib mattress. If not, the space or gap between the mattress and the crib is excessive.

  • Materials

One of the most important aspects is that the mattress is ergonomic and that it takes care of both the baby’s head and his spine. His little body is just beginning to form and needs the greatest possible care. Therefore, avoid excessively soft or hard mattresses. Our favorites are those with a foam core and a Visco layer on top.

Also, you should make sure that both the mattress and the cover are made with antiallergic materials, so you will avoid allergies both on the mucosa and on the baby’s skin. Our recommendation, in this case, is mattresses with covers that include the highest percentage of natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, etc.)

In the same way, see that they have treatments against bacteria and mites.

  • Breathability

Good air circulation is essential for your baby to be comfortable.

There are materials that favor it more than others do. For example, the 3D fabric achieves that by circulating the air between its fibers, the humidity is evacuated quickly. In this way, the mattress surface stays cool and dry.

The rest will be better but also healthier since there is no humidity we make sure that fungi and bacteria do not appear.

  • Quality Certificates

There are different certificates on the market.

Make sure that the crib mattress has the CE seal (which guarantees that it has passed the quality and safety tests required by the European Union) and some certificate that guarantees that it is suitable for the baby, such as the OekoTex® Standard 100 that certifies that its materials are safe for our little one and do not contain substances that are harmful to their health.

  • Versatility

Depending on the use, you want to give it, look for a specific mattress for it: cradle, travel … There are some that you can later use as a play area.

It will be a way to amortize the investment.

A Peaceful Sleep For All

With a good crib mattress, your baby will sleep peacefully because it will be comfortable. You too because you will know that it is safe.

That is why we hope we have helped you choose the crib mattress for your baby.

A crib mattress that takes care of you and gives you a pleasant sleep.

A mattress that gives you security and makes your day-to-day easier (hence the importance that it can be washed well).

In short, the perfect mattress for your baby that you are one step away from being able to have.

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