How To Choose A Bassinet

If you are going to be a mom and dad soon, you will surely be asking yourself this question: Where will my baby sleep? What is the best bassinet for a newborn to rest in? All parents ask the same thing: that you say good night and sleep … Where, especially the first months, depends a little on your needs, what they can lend you, and the space in your house.

Choosing whether to buy a mini crib, whether to choose a baby bassinet or a cuckoo-nest as a crib reducer will depend on many factors. I will tell you the pros and cons of the different options to see if it helps you to decant, but above all today I will talk about the baby bassinet, the baby carrycot and what advantages it has, why choose it and the keys to choose it well.

The first and fundamental thing is that you are clear that a newborn will not sleep well in a large crib, imagine it so small in an immense space of 60cm x 120cm. no. You are going to have to look for options to offer a small space where you do not feel lost and feel covered and protected. Keep in mind that he has been tight and warm for 9 months in our uterus and the bed is a huge, cold, and inhospitable place for him.

How To Choose A Bassinet Guide in 2022

So even if you have to have the crib, in the first months you are not going to use it as it is, only using a cuckoo, a crib reducer nest so that inside the crib you reduce the space of the newborn. Is this concept clear? Well then, we can move on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing a Bassinet

Advantages of Tthe Moses Baby Bassinet

  • It is cheaper than a wooden mini-crib.
  • It will help you a lot in the first months of your baby’s sleep because the space will be smaller and it will be more collected.
  • It is easy to transport, with a handle, and light, especially if the baby is not inside.
  • You can move the baby without picking him up or waking him up when he is sleeping.
  • It is very likely that if you ask there is even one at home and you can reuse it (more vintage impossible) with the emotional charge that could be the charm of your baby sleeping in the carrycot/bassinet where you did.

Disadvantages of The Moses Bassinet

  • What is good for those first months can be an inconvenience because you will ask yourself if it is worth buying something that you know in advance that they will only use for 4-5 months, 6 at the most if the carrycot is one of the large ones. (You should also put on that scale not only the economic side of the investment for something of a few months but what is essential for the baby’s sleep and rest, the fact of having a reduced space and according to their first needs after leaving the uterus mother to a “hostile” world)
  • It does not serve as a crib reducer nor can you co-sleep with it.

What a Baby Carrycot Should Look Like?

There are numerous models on the market, increasingly modern and with more additional elements since, despite being something traditional and past, it is back in fashion, as we mentioned, in line with the vintage trends of current design. Remember that it is not only a decorative element so that your baby’s room is super cute, it is a place for your newborn baby to rest and it must be the best, as safe and comfortable as possible.

  • The rigid and flat bottom of the carrycot is very resistant and with a firm base.
  • The mattress should be as tight as possible, without any gaps on the sides.
  • The height from the mattress to the end of the basket must be a minimum of 25 centimeters.
  • The bassinet should be covered by soft fabric, bamboo, 100% cotton muslin, and padded to further guarantee the safety of your baby in a wicker carrycot. A fabric that also transpires so that it is as cool as possible inside and is not a kind of oven. The air must flow, hence the wicker as a material for the bassinet: natural and breathable.
  • The wicker of the bassinet must be monitored so that it does not have any loose splinters as I said so as not to hurt the baby.
  • Be careful if you have wheels, which are practical for some things but if they are not reliable, they can cause more headaches than benefits.

Safety In a Baby Bassinet

Once we know the elements of a baby bassinet, and what its correct state should be? I will talk about safety, and what characteristics a carrycot must have to be safe for a newborn:

  • If the minimum depth was 25cm, it should not have a depth of more than 50cm.
  • The mattress must be orthopedic and of the highest quality, adapting 100% to the shape of the carrycot you have, not all mattresses are suitable for all carrycots.
  • The material of the garments should be soft and washable.
  • If it is made of wood, it should not have splinters, look at this point
  • In addition, I return to the subject of the rocker and the wheels, this point is the trickiest with respect to safety. If the structure fails, your baby is not safe.

How To Choose The Right Baby Moses Bassinet?

If your choice for the baby’s sleep during the first months is the bassinet and not a cuckoo or crib reducer, you must consider these aspects to choose the perfect carrycot for a newborn.

  • Size

Bassinets are usually small but try to make the most of it by comparing the measurements and weight that it supports. For example, a 40x80cm carrycot would be good for maximum comfort.

  • Height

Many will tell you that if it is deeper it will hold longer than your baby feels, but it is contradictory because if it sits it is a danger and if it is more than 5 cm high so that it can sit safely, it is dangerous to dominate the baby. Principle for so much depth in a semi-enclosed and small space.

Once we have in mind everything you need to have a baby bassinet that is safe, I will give you some important tips on its use.

Correct and Safe Use of The Baby Bassinet

  • Do not place the baby bassinet near the windows if they are open, and if there is current, they cannot be opened or closed, hit the carrycot, and destabilize it.
  • Do not put cushions or stuffed animals.
  • If there is any plastic, remove it
  • If it has a hood, see that it is foldable to be able to get the baby in and out easily.
  • It is not convenient to put the typical hanging carousels or stuffed animals within reach, if you can grab it and pull hard, it will be an unstable danger for the carrycot.

How To Put a Baby To Bed In a Moses?

Aspects to consider about how to put a newborn to bed in a carrycot.

  • The mattress must be rigid and cover the entire base so that you cannot put your arms, feet, hands, or anything in it. In addition, it should be padded.
  • We will put the carrycot near the bed to get up quickly if you need us.
  • Do not put any foreign elements such as stuffed animals, cushions, or pillows.
  • If the baby has reflux, we will insert a mini wedge or a wedge with a small inclination under the mattress. This small incline will benefit you in case of reflux, coughing or runny nose.
  • Sleeping on your stomach can lead to more cases of sudden death.
  • Put him to sleep on his back although they should not sleep all the time on his back due to the risk of plagiocephaly. A plagiocephaly cushion can be used and as advice, they can sleep one night on one side, one on their back, and one on the other side. There are those who use a roll cushion.

You must also take into account the temperature, if it is hot, cover it only with a thin muslin or sheet, if it is cold you can cover it with a cuddly lullaby.

How To Move To The Crib From The Carrycot?

So that your baby’s sleep is not altered when you change him from the carrycot to sleeping in his crib at about 4-5-6 months, consider these aspects and it will be easier for you.

  • At the time of teeth coming out if you are having bad nights, crying and uncomfortable, do not spend it in those little streaks, and wait for a good one.
  • At the time of giving up breast milk at the beginning of weaning, it could also take the change wrong if you match it. It is not advisable to take away his safe sleeping space and his connection to you through the chest at the same time he can be much disoriented. It would happen to anyone.
  • If you had the bassinet next to your bed but you are going to take the crib directly to their room, a transition period with the crib near your bed is still convenient so that they continue to notice you … and then move it to their room; here each one chooses deadlines and system.
  • You can alternate times of sleep in the carrycot and in the crib, for example, naps. so that it gets used to that new space.
  • If you have placed a carousel with music and stuffed animals in the bassinet and he is used to it, put it in the crib as well, that will familiarize him with the environment.
  • If in the bassinet you have used some type of elevation, mini wedge, you must also pass it to the crib with that same inclination and use an anti-reflux wedge that will help you against coughs, reflux and runny nose.


  • How many months you can use Moses Bassinet?

Well, that will depend on the bassinet and the little one. When choosing the baby bassinet you should look at the maximum weight allowed, so you should read the instructions very well before purchasing it. Not all the carrycots of all bassinets are the same size, there are smaller and larger ones, and some even at 3-4 months may not fit your baby.

Never put stuffed animals, cushions, pillows, or anything in it, and avoid the risk of sudden death and suffocation with this type of alien element that is not necessary for sleeping.

If the baby carrycot is one of the largest, anyway, as a piece of advice I would tell you that the moment your baby can sit down, a bassinet begins to be more than dangerous so the crib is better.

Keep In Mind

Whether you inherit it, or if they lend it to you, you should pay close attention to this, because not everything goes and if it is not safe and complete, do not risk the integrity of your newborn:

  • They must be all the pieces and in good condition, (if not see if you can buy or repair but be very attentive to the attachment points on which will go-cart and weight)
  • Be careful with the handles; check that they are very strong and that they are not loose from the wicker so as not to have scares moving the newborn.
  • The structure must be solid and in perfect condition to support the weight of the baby.
  • If the frame has wheels, check that the brake works.
  • Check that the wicker is not broken so that any splinters can come out between the clothes and stick to your baby
  • Also, note that there is no type of bug inside, that over the years if it is not well preserved when stored, it can get moth-eaten or even have another type of animal deterioration.

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