How To Choose a Baby Carrier?

Until a few months ago, it was not an issue that worried you, but now, with the need to have freedom of movement and the obligation to take care of your little one, you have not only become aware of how practical a baby carrier is , but also that there are many models and not all are the same.

Obviously, for any parent, the safety of their child comes first, and therefore that will be one of the first aspects to check in any model of baby carrier.

But he is certainly not the only one. Taking the child with you requires that both the little one and either parent feel comfortable, and therefore it will be necessary to opt for a baby carrier that meets this requirement for both parties.

It is not enough for the child to have a good posture, the wearer must find that the grips do not pull, squeeze or bother him.

And what happens when they grow up? That is another aspect in which, until you are a father or mother and you find yourself in the situation of having to choose a baby carrier, you do not even usually repair.

Children do not weigh the same when they are 6 months old and when they are 3 years old. Do you have to buy a new baby carrier every time the child gets a little older?

If you find yourself in a situation like this now, it is normal for you to experience some confusion.

To help you solve doubts so that the choice of a baby carrier does not become a headache, we have prepared this baby carrier-buying guide that we hope will give you some light when choosing.

What Are The Best Baby Carriers?

Of course, there is not a valid criterion for everyone when choosing the best baby carrier.

There will be those who are inclined to buy the best product available whatever its price, others who will seek a balance between quality and cost, and finally those who understand that the best baby carrier is one that, without having a high price, provides functionality. And sufficient comfort.

But regardless of which type of baby carrier you prefer, there are a number of issues that must always be taken into account.

As we have already mentioned, the comfort of the child and the parents is basic, so it is one of the aspects that, you always need to put first, as well as safety when transporting it. A baby carrier that is not comfortable or that does not offer minimum safety standards should be discarded immediately.

Among a large number of baby carriers on the market, not all of them meet these requirements, and that is why we have selected the best baby carrier for short mom and dad, that offer the maximum guarantees regarding these important points.

But it is also that these best baby carriers are, without any doubt, among the most complete or of the best quality, when you put all their characteristics on the scale.

The idea is to make things easier for you by limiting the number of options you have to decide between. Offering you a selection of 10 backpacks would not have been very practical when choosing one.

If for whatever reason, instead of following our suggestions you prefer to choose on your own, there is no problem; in this same buying guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to make your choice right.

But if you want to make this process faster and easier, sticking to one of our best baby carriers options will pave the way.

Before Buying a Baby Carrier

The choice of a baby carrier is a very personal matter, in which aesthetic preferences, functionality and of course, price intervene.

If you are demanding and you like to know that what you buy is a good product, you will not be guided by irresistible offers or beautiful colors, but you will take the purchase of your baby carrier very seriously.

And not because of the money you are going to spend, but because it is about your comfort, and what is more important, that of your child.

Therefore, we are going to provide you with a series of criteria, and aspects to consider that will help you decide, and that will give you the guarantee that you are making the correct purchase for your needs.


Whether you like it or not, it is the determining factor when choosing. It is of little use to analyze all the characteristics of a baby carrier if, in the end, the price is out of the budget that you have set as a cap. Therefore, the first thing to consider is how much money you want to spend on the purchase of your baby carrier.

Once your budget has been decided, you will have to assess which baby carrier among those available in that price range has characteristics that are closer to your preferences. There are many prices, but as with any other product, the most expensive are for a reason.

If the budget is not a limitation and what you want is quality, you can start narrowing your search by looking at models above 75 euros. From that price is when most models are more complete, have better characteristics and the materials are of higher quality generally.

Baby’s age

The decision to carry your baby is not always made in the first few months. There are mothers who are not sure about this option and do not decide until after a while when they have spoken with others who already do and have been convinced of its advantages.

The age of the baby is a decisive factor, since there are baby carriers adapted to each period of growth of the little one, and therefore, depending on it, you will need to stick to specific models.


Safety is a basic aspect, and in a baby carrier, the fasteners provide it. The straps need to be resistant and have good seams that guarantee to support the weight without problem, and the child must be well secured in the cubicle but without having the feeling of being oppressed.

Support that feels solid is necessary to provide security for the carrier, and for those who are opting for a baby carrier for the first time or who have some qualms, it is a determining factor in offering confidence and peace of mind.


In baby carriers, weight is an element that needs to maintain a difficult balance. On the one hand, the safety and support of the baby depend largely on the solidity of the backpack, but at the same time, they cannot be too heavy because their weight is added to that of the little one, which, if excessive, can cause significant discomfort on the carrier’s back.

Therefore, when choosing a baby carrier, it will be necessary to assess what weight can be carried without discomfort and take into account that children at this stage gain weight very quickly.

Fabric and Materials

Children’s skin is extremely sensitive, and therefore there will always be few precautions to take in this regard. The fabric is the element that is in direct contact with it and therefore an aspect to consider when choosing.

Whenever possible, the baby carrier should be made of natural fibers, and that the fabric does not generate excessive heat. You also have to make sure that the dyes used in the fabrics are not toxic, since it is very common for children at that age to suck everything that is available to them. Some backpacks include a certificate that guarantees the non-toxicity of any item.

With regard to the rest of the materials, it is important to value that the padding is robust so that the weight of the backpack is not stuck in the fasteners and that it is comfortable to wear.

Useful Life

Before you start buying a baby carrier, it is worth taking a moment to think if carrying your child is going to be a short-term activity or if you plan to continue doing it when he grows up. Taking into account the growth of children at these ages, any backpack that you buy focused on their current weight and height characteristics will be obsolete in just 6-8 months.

So, regardless of the state in which it is after that time, this is actually going to be the useful life of the product, unless another little guy comes from behind to take its place.

If you plan to continue taking it with you, as you grow older, then it is smarter to opt for an evolutionary backpack, which is the name of the models that already provide for this possibility and are made with elements that adapt to the physical changes of the child. Although the price may be higher, the purchase of a baby carrier of this type is a saving since it is no longer necessary to replace it from time to time.


Good taste is not at odds with functionality, and among the existing offer, there are good backpacks that are also very beautiful. Since you are going to buy a backpack that you are going to carry with you for a long time, why give up choosing one whose design is pleasant to us? It is clear that this criterion should not be the main one, since aspects such as safety or comfort are much more important, but nobody says that it should not be taken into consideration.

Seat and Back

From the point of view of the child’s postural health, the seat and the backrest are two of the elements to be considered with more attention. Young children are in the process of development and their bones are not yet strong enough. Therefore, taking bad postures that are maintained for long periods can have consequences.

To avoid this, the seat and backrest must be adapted to your physical characteristics. The backrest must have a height where the child has a protected back and at the same time has freedom of movement in his head, while the seat must allow the child to remain comfortably in the frog position.

Extra Elements:

More than a purchase criterion, the presence or absence of extra elements can be a factor that helps you decide. Once you have chosen among several options that meet your minimum in the aforementioned questions, it becomes more difficult to make a decision.

This is when the little details can help you choose. There are backpacks that incorporate hoods so that the child protects himself from the sun or rain, headrests so that he is more comfortable if he falls asleep, or more or fewer pockets so that the baby carrier can incorporate external elements such as tissues, bottles, etc.

None of these elements is by itself enough to decide the purchase, but its presence or absence can make you opt for one model or another.

This is How You Should Choose Your Baby’s Carrier

We have seen what should be the main criteria to consider when choosing a baby carrier. But these criteria cannot be analyzed separately, but must be done in the context of a series of questions that you need to ask yourself beforehand.

These questions are the ones that we show you below, so that the process is easier for you and you know how to fit all the information.


  • Does the baby carrier meet your safety and comfort requirements?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself since these two characteristics are the main ones to consider. Your little one needs to be safe, and both you and he have to be comfortable.

If you do not have the opportunity to touch, it with your own hands and try it because you are going to buy it online, look at issues such as the backrest, the security of the closures. If the position of the openings allows the child to adopt the frog position or if the straps have well padding that does not put too much stress on your shoulders. And when in doubt, check the opinions of other clients that mention these aspects.

  • Who will carry the baby carrier?

Why is it necessary to define who will be the usual carrier to choose it? For a matter of design and preferences. If it is only the mother or father, who is going to wear, the choice, after considering other factors, must be adjusted to their aesthetic criteria.

Perhaps the mother loves a flowery backpack or a bright pink one, and he prefers a more sober one. Both solutions are perfect if only he or she is going to use it. But in case they are going to be both, you will need to find a compromise solution.

  • When and how often do you plan to use it?

Obviously, the requirements for a baby carrier that is going to be used in a timely manner do not need to be as demanding as in the case of being used daily. Nor is it the same if you only consider taking your little one out on summer days for a little while in the park than if you intend to take him with you everywhere, whatever season of the year you are.

The greater the use you plan to give it, the higher your level of demand should be in all aspects. A 30-minute carry will not tire you or cause you discomfort even if the baby carrier does not distribute the weight well or the padding of the shoulder straps is not of high quality. But if your idea is to take the child several hours a day, you cannot afford that luxury unless you want your health to end up suffering.

  • How old is the child you buy it for?

The purchase of the baby carrier can occur when the child is a few months old or when it is already somewhat more developed. Obviously, this conditions the choice of the model, since the needs in terms of subjection are not the same for obvious reasons.

In addition, there is an issue to take into account and that is that the use of the baby carrier is not recommended before 6 months, even though in many cases the models are advertised as suitable for that use. In these early stages, other options such as foulard or shoulder bag are better.

  • How long do you intend to carry the child in the baby carrier?

The choice is necessarily different if you only plan to carry the child in the baby carrier for a few months until he grows up or if from the beginning, you already plan to continue carrying him until he is too heavy to be carried with you.

In the first case, you do not need to look for any special characteristics, but if your idea is to carry it with you for several years, you need to pay attention that it is an evolutionary backpack. Otherwise, every few months it will become unusable due to the growth of the child and you will have to buy another.

The evolutionary backpack is designed precisely to avoid this and adapts to the changes in height and weight that the child will experience from birth to 3-4 years of age, which is the maximum time that is recommended.

Final Words

In this guide, we wanted to give you all the necessary information so that you can buy a backpack for babies with the peace of mind of knowing that your choice will be the right one.

We have provided you with all the necessary data in maximum detail so that you can evaluate with your own criteria, which model best suits your needs and preferences, and we have pointed out those aspects to which you must pay special attention.

If you have read the entire guide, you now have the tools to compare and decide. Your child and your health are probably the two things you value the most in life and buying a baby backpack have an impact on both.

Now, since not everyone has the time or desire to evaluate the available models, in addition to giving you information on how to choose the best baby carrier, we also wanted to make three suggestions that will make your task easier.

As a result, you have both the possibility of applying your new knowledge by choosing any model or deciding on one of the options that we have shown you here.

Instead of having to review hundreds of models, you can review the characteristics of each one and choose the one that convinces you the most based on those criteria that are most important to you and on the particularities that each one offers.

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