How Much Does a Baby Crib Cost?

Today we want to analyze how much a baby crib really costs since many first-time families are surprised when they compare crib furniture prices.

When we are going to have our first child, we are not aware of the great expense of buying clothes that quickly outgrow, using a large number of diapers daily, creams and soaps for hygiene, bottles, baby food, etc. Therefore, a long list to which we must also add the budget for buying the baby’s crib.

Many times, we can fall into the temptation of choosing the cheapest option, but as the saying goes “in the end, cheap is expensive”, if the above is something related to the comfort and safety of our newborn, we must still think about this saying popular.

Baby Crib Cost?

Therefore, now we are going to see the complete and real cost of a suitable baby crib, we will see the deficiencies or deficiencies that the cheapest cribs have, and finally, we will explain the reasons why some models are so expensive.

What Does a Baby Crib Need?

Before analyzing how much a baby crib costs, it is convenient to remember the minimum elements that make up the place where our little one will sleep:

  1. A wooden structure with a rectangular shape.
  2. A mattress of the right size.
  3. And bedding to cover the child while they sleep.

So when we talk about the price it costs we are going to refer to the sum of these three components.

Wooden Structure

In its day we already saw the minimum safety elements that a crib should have, where it is essential that it does not contain the characteristics seen that can cause avoidable accidents and endanger the health of the baby.

In addition to these security requirements, the structure can also have extra functionalities that will ultimately increase its prices. Some of these additional utilities are:

  • Wheels on the legs to be able to move it.
  • Railing that can be raised and lowered to hold or position the baby more comfortably.
  • Bed base is adaptable to several different heights.
  • Even some furniture can later be converted into a bed, a desk or any other functionality.

Firm and Breathable Mattress

We also saw how to choose the best mattress for cribs, just as we adults like to sleep comfortably because in such a young child it is even more important to provide a good mattress.

Firm and Breathable Mattress

Since he is a newborn, it is essential to provide him with a very firm mattress to perfect his back and avoid injuries such as plagiocephaly. It is also essential that the core is breathable enough, since an excess of heat when sleeping can be one of the causes of sudden infant death syndrome.

Soft Crib Linen

The last item we need to buy to equip our crib with everything necessary will be its clothing. We must bear in mind that the baby’s skin is very sensitive, so it is highly recommended to buy everything in cotton fabric. Even sheets that are 100% cotton without any synthetic composition, since the newborn will always be in direct contact with the fabric of the sheet.

When it comes to crib bedding, at a minimum we will need the following:

  • Two sets of sheets, it is ideal to have a spare one for when we go to wash the used ones.
  • A protector to cover the sides of the crib on the inside and cushion possible blows from the baby.
  • A cover to keep the baby warm when he sleeps. It can be a duvet, duvet cover, a blanket with its quilt, or even a duvet bag with a zipper.

Other Add-ons

Apart from the three basic elements of which a crib consists, there are also certain accessories that are very necessary.

  • A changing table for babies, so that we can dress them comfortably.
  • A chest of drawers to store your clothes.
  • Other textile elements such as a pocket to hang in the crib, a basket to leave the pacifiers nearby, or a lullaby for when we take the little one in our arms.

Baby Crib Prices

Now that we know all the elements we need, let’s see how much a baby crib costs with all the prices broken down. We will focus on three options: the cheapest, how much a family usually spends, and the most expensive models.

The Cheapest Budget To Buy a Crib

Let’s assume that we have very little money to buy a crib. Then we find these alternatives:

As you can see, it has minimum-security elements but it has some shortcomings:

  • The four legs are somewhat thin, so they will hold less weight than other models and will be less resistant.
  • It does not have wheels to move the cradle.
  • The rails are bolted, so they cannot be raised or lowered.
  • The entire structure is barred, so the design is not very distinguished.

Then we can find a duvet and protector for $ 50 if we look in outlets or outdated collections of crib clothes. The quality is good but the designs are quite limited, keep in mind that they are garments that have been on the market for several years and have not been sold.

A set of crib sheets with the lowest price can be found for about $ 18. As before, they will be outdated collections with the colors and styles they have.

You can also find other collections of clothing for the crib just as cheap, but the problem is that it will be made of synthetic components such as polyester. Obviously, they will not be as soft and durable as garments made with cotton fabric.

Finally, you can find a foam mattress for the crib for around $ 45. Keep in mind that it does not have the best firmness characteristics and is the least breathable material there is, so its core retains the body heat that the baby gives off while sleeping.

Therefore, the budget necessary to buy the cheapest crib will be about $ 180:

  • $ 60 crib structure.
  • $ 55 duvet and protector.
  • $ 20 set of sheets.
  • $ 45 foam mattress.

The Average Amount That a Baby Crib Costs

Now we are going to analyze how much a baby crib costs in normal terms.

We are going to start with a more robust and resistant wooden structure, where the legs are thicker than the previous one.

It is also painted white, has brake legs, and on top of it, the railing can be easily lowered or removed. This type of crib structure cost about $ 180.

If we are looking for a good quality quilt and bumper with a nice pattern, we can find some brands for $ 80. Its a triptych of sheets to match the design of the clothing and on top of it 100% cotton for about $ 25.

To conclude, you can find offers for latex mattresses for $ 95. It would be convenient to buy a mattress protector that costs only $ 18 and with which we extend its durability, even more, being easier to keep it clean.

So the normal thing would be to spend around $ 370 to buy a good and well-complete baby crib:

  • $ 170 structure.
  • $ 80 quilt and chichonera.
  • $ 25 set of sheets.
  • $ 95 latex mattress.
  • $ 18 mattress protector.

Why Are Some Baby Cribs So Expensive?:

Surely you are wondering, but if my friend spent much more on her crib? . This is because there are many other models of cribs for babies that incorporate certain differentiating elements such as the following:

  • Design Head

As in any piece of furniture, design is a fundamental aspect. The wooden structures that we have seen before were bars on all four sides; obviously, a crib that has two headboards with a more detailed shape or drawing like the following is much more beautiful.

You can find heads with the engraving of a bear, which is made in a more striking color or has a special shape. In this case, from $ 240 you can find much more beautiful crib furniture.

  • Includes Drawer

If you also want the crib to have a drawer underneath to store things, then you can already prepare at least $ 70 more. There are even special drawers such as Micuna’s that above has the function of being able to balance the furniture a bit like a rocking chair, in this case, it costs about € 165.

  • Convertible Crib Into Bed

At the beginning, we have already commented that we can find crib structures that can be converted into a bed so that we take advantage of the same furniture for more years. On this occasion, the cost of this type of Mexicanas starts from $ 340.

  • Co-sleeping Crib

On more than one occasion, we have seen the great acceptance of choosing a co-sleeping cot for a bed, so that we can share our room with the baby for a couple of years and be able to sleep together. In this case, the simplest models of large co-sleeping cribs do not go below € 300.

  • With Built-in Changing Unit

We had also indicated that when choosing the furniture many moms also look for accessories such as a dressing room and a chest of drawers to store clothes. In this case, we would already be interested in heavy cribs that cost from $ 1000 (normally they can also be converted into a bed).

You have already been able to check how much a baby crib costs and the price differences that you can find. From $ 170, the cheapest alternative, to $ 360, which is the average expense in most homes, to much higher budgets.

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