How Long is An Extra Long Twin Bed

So you have a teenager who has a sleepover, or maybe another adult guest. You need to get them an extra long twin bed so there is plenty of room for both your guests and yourself too. So, How long is an extra long twin bed?

Having an extra long twin-size bed can solve your problem in that case when you need it the most. You can make an extra long twin bed for yourself or just buy from the market.

However, in this content, you will get to know about how long is an extra long twin size bed, what length is an extra long twin bed, and how long is an extra long twin bed sheet and frame. Some FAQs and other additional information will help you to know this topic. So, let’s do it.

What is a Twin Bed?

A lot of times you see one twin bed in a child’s room, and so the question is ‘What is a twin bed?’. What makes it different from other beds is that it typically has two individual single-size mattresses. Some people call them “single beds” to be more specific about what they’re talking about, but yet there are some people who call them “twin beds” because they’re referring to the type of mattress and not an actual bed. What is a twin bed though?

It’s called a “Twin Bed” because it has two separate twin sized mattresses. A twin bed is a one-size-fits-all sort of solution for a child’s bed or a guest room. The good thing about a Twin Bed is that it isn’t very expensive and you don’t have the same issues as the full-size mattress, which can be somewhat tall for shorter people.

Why Do You Need a Twin Bed?

If you aren’t sure whether or not a twin bed is right for your child, the following information may help you decide. It’s necessary to have a twin bed if your child outgrows their crib.

Why Do You Need a Twin Bed

It’s dangerous for your child to sleep in a crib that is meant for an infant (babies up to two years old) after they are one year old because the bars on the sides can trap them inside if their head gets caught between them. If you’re moving your child into another sleeping area to transition them out of their crib, you will want to include a twin bed.

It’s also necessary to purchase a twin bed if you live in an area where your child will need to sleep in separate quarters (such as on vacation or with relatives) because it will be easier for the child to make the transition if they are already used to sleeping in a twin bed.

If you’re already thinking about whether or not to buy one, you can decide early and often tell your child that they will be sleeping soon in a “big bed.”

The Extra Long Twin Bed Size

Twin beds are most commonly used for single sleepers, but there may be instances where two people want to share a room and still have their bed. This is when an extra-long twin bed size may come in handy. Extra long twin size is 30 inches wide and 80 inches long. So, How Long is an Extra Long Twin Bed Mattress Should Be? This makes it big enough for two people to comfortably sleep in.

Pros of The Extra Long Twin Bed Size

There are many reasons why people may purchase an extra long twin bed. The advantages of this sleeping arrangement include:

Extra Length For Tall People

Many younger boys, teenagers, and even men, in general, prefer the extra long twin bed size because they tend to be taller than average. These longer sleepers expect their feet to hang off the end of the bed.

Older people appreciate extra length because they are more likely to suffer from medical conditions which cause weakness, discomfort, and pain in their bodies, especially their legs and feet. In addition to having a lot of areas where they can experience pain or other issues, older people also have a very limited

Cons of The Extra Long Twin Bed Size

Of course, you will need a larger bed frame to accommodate an extra long twin bed size. The largest that their mattress can be is 80 inches long and 40 inches wide. This means that not just any bed frame will work for this size. You will need a frame that is specifically designed to accommodate it.

There may be a problem with finding extra long twin sheets and other bedding as well because the size of those items is based on the regular twin size. They also have to fit two people. While this can be solved by simply purchasing king-sized sheets, it means that having your extra long twin bed will mean extra-large beds throughout the house. If you are okay with this, then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Long Twin Bed Sheet and Frame

Long or extra-long twin beds are beds that are two inches wider than a regular twin bed. This size of mattress is often used for children especially teens who have outgrown a crib but have not yet reached full adult height. Long twin beds are also used by adults who have limited mobility or disabilities that require an extra-wide bed.

Long twin beds can be fitted with a standard twin size mattress, however, it is important to note that a long twin mattress can vary in length from 62 inches to 72 inches – making it difficult to find a standard sheet and bedding set that will fit. Long twin bed sets include the long twin fitted sheet, top sheet, and mattress pad or comforter. Long twin sheets can be found in cotton, flannel, jersey knit, and other materials with elastic all around for secure fitting.


1. Is a twin XL longer than a full?

  • – Well, this is a very interesting question. The answer to that question will depend upon many different factors, including the brand of sheets you are referring to and an individual’s specific interpretation of the terms “longer” and “full”.

2. How wide is an extra long twin bed?

  • – An extra long twin bed measures 75 inches which is 198cm. How wide it will depend on the product. Generally, it is just under 2 feet or 53cm

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood how big an extra large twin bed is and you are ready to get one for your house. Here, you need to keep in mind the size of bedsheets and mattress sizes also. You should wisely choose the size of your twin bed according to the home/room space. Again, suitable placing is also needed.

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