GB Lyfe Travel System Review in 2023

Parents of a newborn baby always want to get the gb lyfe travel system reviews from us as they use to hear from other parents that the gb lyfe system is the best.

It’s tough to find a comfortable and suitable travel system for a baby nowadays. Most of them focus on adding new features instead of maintaining the comforting quality that a baby needs from the basic features like a seat, bumpless riding experience, and secure riding. Only gblyfe stroller ensures all of them and well-reviewed from other mothers.

GB Lyfe Travel System

GB Lyfe Travel System Review

Here we’ll try to present a gblyfe compact review and let you know its different and unique features. Stay focused here, and we’ll answer a couple of common questions about this travel system. Hopefully, you’ll get a complete idea about it.

What Makes Gblyfe travel Better?

We already told you about the travel system has some excellent features, and those features are good enough for purchasing it. Gblyfe travel system black combines some best parts of different travel systems. So, this stroller is not like others where we use to see every product of the stroller from the same company. They cost much higher than the gblyfe travel system.

Asana 35 DLX Car Seat

It is offering a detachable Asana car seat. That’s why this travel system is known as the gb asana travel system. This seat is easy to remove and easy to attach to the car seat. Nothing complex to secure the seat on the cat seat or the stroller.

This seat can easily hold an infant of 4 lbs to a toddler of 35 lbs. As this seat is not only for the travel system but also for cars, this seat’s comforting level is way beyond our imagination. The gblyfe has been producing Asana car seats for over 25 years.

The stay-in-car base ensures the seat will stay on the back seat, and when you try to set up the seat into gblyfestroller, you’ll get a click sound that ensures the seat has adjusted and the stroller is ready to move.

Already have told you this seat can support 4 to 35 lbs. But if your toddler grows above 32 inches, it won’t be able to help the toddler anymore.


From gb lyfe car seat manual, we come to know that the stroller allows you to put your baby either facing backward or forward into the stroller. Both of the options provide the same comfortability for the baby. It’s entirely your choice either you want your toddler facing the world or facing you.

Also, this stroller offers the European pram mode for helping the baby to sleep without any bothering. It provides a shield against the sun and wind. So, your baby won’t be bothered.

An airflow canopy is included on this stroller, which you can stretch over the opening in both forward or backward. This expandable airflow canopy helps your baby a great ventilation system during summer, and also it can retain some heat on colder days. Moreover, the full recline system provides necessary adjustments to main a comfortable angle for your baby according to the baby’s size.

From the gblyfe travel system manual, you’ll get an idea about the simple method of folding the stroller. With your two hands and a maximum of one step, the entire travel system will turn into a compact foldable unit, making it easy to carry.

The wheels of the gb lyfe travel system are EVA foam and don’t lose their shape quickly. But you can’t drive the stroller on rough terrain. The EVA foam has enough capability to handle the sidewalks. The 9-inch back wheels and 7-inch front wheels offer exquisite control over the travel system. The different size of the wheels makes it easy to turn.


To ensure the safety of a travel system, we need to provide a sound brake system. The gblyfe has a smooth two-touch brake system. Most of the time, you can stop the troller by pulling it backward. But for a slope, the brake works better and provides a smooth stop for the travel system.

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As you already know about the EVA foam wheels, are a much more comfortable riding experience for your baby, but sometimes a rear-suspension system allows us to ride our baby on a slightly bumpy road without compromising the baby’s comfort.

Also, there is a cup holder in the stroller that helps keep the cup in the stroller and keep your baby hydrated. The seat has safety straps, which are used just like the seat belt of a car. The seat ensures the maximum level of comfortability as it uses smooth material.

There is a basket under the stroller seat, which is known as storage. You can put things there from the front and backside. The storage has good enough space for keeping all the necessary items for your baby.

  • Both front facing and rear facing is available in its car seat.
  • EVA foam made wheels ensure bump free riding.
  • Both Belt Loc technology and Fit Loc technology prioritize the baby’s security.
  • 1 step with 2 hands folding is really a convenient folding method.
  • No space for keeping the baby’s sippy cups.
  • Taking off the car seat from stroller seems a tough job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the seat offer much comfortability?

This seat can easily hold an infant of 4 lbs to a toddler of 35 lbs. As this seat is not only for the travel system but also for cars, this seat’s comforting level is way beyond our imagination.

The gblyfe has been producing Asana car seats for over 25 years. The seat can easily detachable from the stroller. Also, it uses smooth foam inside the softcover.

  • How much weight it can carry?

The stroller weighs 22 lbs with the seat. But without the seat, it has a much lower weight. This seat can easily hold an infant of 4 lbs to a toddler of 35 lbs.

Final Thought

In the end, from gb lyfe travel system review, you can understand the travel system not only ensure comfort but ensures the safety of your baby. Also, the price of this travel is much lower than other travel systems. Ensure a smooth ride for your baby with gblyfe travel system.

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