Extra Tall Umbrella Stroller Reviews (2022)

When it comes to baby products, the goal is to always shop with confidence and wisdom, so that you don’t get stuck buying the same product somewhere below the line.

However, since there is a big difference between a regular stroller and an umbrella stroller, it is always convenient to have one in each regardless.

And if you find one of the best umbrella strollers for tall parents out there that works for your family, it’s better to make the decision from the bat easier. To make that decision easier for you, for tall parents these are some of the extra tall umbrella stroller that may be needed for a quick work or amusement park trip, or anytime when a bulky stroller is in too much trouble.

Most of the time, extra tall umbrella stroller is most convenient when you travel through large crowds and are able to navigate more easily. It is also, for the most part, very light, especially compared to jogging strollers or otherwise large strollers.


Of course, these are not great for long because they are not as comfortable or do not have a large storage basket like other strollers, but the best umbrella strollers will do the job in certain situations.

Biggest Benefits Of Extra Tall Umbrella Stroller

When our son was born, we got a full size travel system stroller. We were quite happy with this purchase, and never imagined we would get another stroller. However, after some time we realized that extra tall umbrella stroller bring a ton of benefits.

extra tall umbrella stroller are much lighter than full size “regular” strollers. This makes it much easier to get them out of a car or put them behind. This makes them more portable if you have to carry them through an airport.

These strollers are more compact as well. So, these are easy to store in a closet, small trunk or overhead bin.

There are performances. extra tall umbrella stroller get high marks for maneuverability. So, when you’re walking through the crowds at Disney, or when you’re shopping, you can turn these strollers.

The biggest advantage of full size strollers over umbrella strollers is that most umbrella stroller car seats are not compatible. However, once you stop using the car seat travel system feature in your full size stroller, you may wonder why you want to use it.

How To Choose the Right Umbrella Stroller for You

Once you have decided to take an umbrella stroller, you will want to find out which one is best for you. Many of these strollers come with different trade offs, so your specific preferences will ultimately determine which one is right for you.

Handle height

If you are reading this post, height is very important for you. All strollers listed here were selected in part because they are great for tall parents. However, if you decide to pick one that is not on our list, you will usually be in a better position if you pick something with a handle that is at least 40 inches high.


Umbrella strollers are lighter than regular strollers. However, some of them still weigh more than others. Some parents really want these to be so light that they can be easily picked up and carried. We think this is also an important consideration.

Seating position

Some of these strollers do not recline and others do. Often children spend most of their time sitting up straight. However, for young children, having something that is easily tilted can be really important. Depending on your circumstances, this may or may not be an important consideration.
Hours and hours

Bells And Whistles

Simple things like storage space and cup holders can have a really big impact on your daily life. Finding an umbrella stroller with a cup holder is easy enough, so we would not recommend compromising with it.

In terms of storage, the bottom basket size will vary on different strollers. In addition, some will include back storage bags and others will not. This is something to consider when making your purchase.

Extra Tall Umbrella Stroller

Adjustable Handle Umbrella Stroller

The Maclaren Techno XT Stroller is one of the most popular extra tall umbrella stroller for tall persons due to the fact it has an adjustable handle height feature. But even without raising the handles, the height is still quite tall coming in at 42. The adjustable handles can increase the height to 44 ″ for really tall parents.

There’s not a great deal of selection for tall people which is why Maclaren pretty much dominate in this area. To this day I haven’t come across a taller stroller that you can buy as is.

What The Maclaren Offers

This is not your cheap run by Mill Stroller by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is definitely not more expensive than some premium high end brands. So I find that Maclaren hits the sweet spot for price and features.

In addition to having a great height with the option to extend the handles even higher, Maclaren does an all-around good job. Here are some key features of my favorite lightweight yet extra tall umbrella stroller.

  • First I noticed how smooth and easy it was to convert to a compact 14.5 pound stroller. Although it is longer than most, it is actually quite narrow when folded. So you get extra boot space compared to some other Balkier models.
  • Suitable for children up to 55 pounds.
  • Finally a child proof harness. The 5 point shoe is like Fort Knox to escape a child. Something I never considered when I got my first $ 20 stroller. Little Ella easily got out of her way.
  • A treat for using the handles. Although we mentioned how they can stretch to 44 tall, I didn’t mention how ergonomic they are. These are made to contour in your hand which is something else when you use them on ordinary cylinder type handles.
  • Great stretched sun canopy that blocks the strong winds in the face of the sun.
    Smooth operating 4 position reclining. My first cheap stroller didn’t have one.
    For small children you can adjust the calf area with a few clips on the side. For older kids, you can increase the footrest.
  • Even once the canopy is fully extended, you can still examine the bobs through the viewing window in the top corner.
  • Sovereign comes with a great warranty by lifetime guarantee.

Final Thoughts about Extra Tall Umbrella Stroller

A common misconception about most umbrella strollers is that they are uncomfortable for the little ones. But if you find the right one, and if you don’t use it too much at a time, it can still be somewhat comfortable for your child and at the same time a suitable stroller for tall parents. As these special umbrella strollers have proven, you don’t have to give up comfort for convenience.

There is a possibility that your baby may grow from a stroller sooner than a jogging stroller for extra tall umbrella Stroller, but some umbrella strollers can really accommodate growing children well, even when they are older or older. Fortunately, there are many different options for finding the right one for your family

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