Dr. Browns vs Philips Avent Bottles: Which Is Best

Dr. browns vs philips avent bottles give your baby a pumped milk bottle. You may decide that your partner may also take care of feeding something with pumped milk in the bottle, which gives them time for a great bond with the baby. It allows you to sleep for longer stretches.

You will spend a lot of time feeding your baby in the first year of life and will make the process of choosing the right baby bottle easier. There are enough things to think about as a new parent. The complexity of bottle feeding should not be in them.

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Dr. Brown’s reasonably priced bottles have been a favorite of many parents for many years. The two-way vent system is designed to mimic the positive pressure flow of breastfeeding, which can become one of the best in reducing air intake for your baby.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle is a venting system for them. Looking for a design with a wide base and short nipple? It is an easy choice of cleaning. There are not a bunch of small pieces to deal with it. Parents prefer the shape and ease of use. They report that this bottle has a high acceptance rate among children.


The two types of bottle brands are different based on their different qualities. You have to justify different matters to know the best one between dr. browns vs philips avent bottles. After consideration, you can choose the best one.


How to choose the best baby bottle for you?

dr. browns vs philips avent bottles should be an important section to all new parents. Some factors are needed to justify selecting the best one for parents. This is-

  • Elements are used to make the product
  • Size and the material of the nipple
  • Price of the bottle
  • Dimension of the bottle

What are the Differences between Dr. Browns vs Philips Avent Bottles?

Dr. Brown and Avent bottles are different based on their features, color, size, and some characteristics. The principal differences between Dr. Brown and Avent bottles are-


  • Dr. Brown bottles are more reasonable and this brand has some more affordable bottles and the Philips Avent bottles are highly expensive
  • The work of Dr. Brown’s bottle is vast where the Philips Avent bottles do limited works
  • Dr. Brown bottles are hard to handle where the Philips Avent bottles are easy
  • Dr. Brown bottles are not easy to clean but the Philips Avent bottles can be cleaned easily
  • You can face some problems due to washing Dr. Brown bottles but the Philips Avent bottles are very convenient to wash

Total Overview of Dr. Brown’s Bottle

 [su_box title=”Features” style=”noise” box_color=”#6ce78a”][su_custom_gallery source=”media: 313″ limit=”56″ width=”500″ height=”400″] There are different sizes of Dr. Brown bottles. It has two, four, and eight-ounce sizes. There are some accessories and parts of this brand. These are nipples, twists, and a flow tube, etc. The flow tube is necessary for vacuum-free feeding. The parents need to clean separately all parts of the bottle. You can get this product on Amazon, Walmart, and Buy Buy Baby[/su_box].

Review of the Product at Amazon

  • Mr.Allen Reviewed in the US on September 27, 2016

This branded bottle is the best. These are anti-colic. I bought these bottles for my niece. I felt that these bottles are very complicated to wash. But it confirms that Dr. Brown’s bottles are the best.


  • Molle. f Rose Reviewed in the US on December 24, 2020

You should get the pink one. I like this more. It helps to prevent burps and swallowing extra gas. The nipple of the blue bottle is super thick and it doesn’t work well. It is bulky to put together. If you do not use this perfectly, it leaks easily.

  • Allen Gomez Reviewed in the US on March 17, 2021

These bottles are the best. My baby doesn’t like to breastfeed. I don’t know how the bottles do with babies trying to transition but the nipples of the bottles are wider enough that can not be fit with my baby. These bottles are perfect for babies because the babies can eat without dropping excess milk. These bottles are easy to clean.


  •  Kenny K. Lee Reviewed in the US on June 19, 2021

These are the best bottles. I used this bottle for my children years ago and gave a bottle as a  gift to their newborn baby. This is a great product. We love Dr. Brown’s bottle. All parts of the bottle need to clean.  It reduces gas.


Pros & Cons

  • Dr. Brown’s bottle is more comfortable and affordable than another bottle
  • The bottles reduce colic in infants+
  • These bottles are fit for most pumps and you can pump milk directly into Dr. Brown’s bottles.
  • These are fit in the diaper bags easily.
  • These branded bottles are more hygienic and safe the babies.

  • Brown’s bottles do not have flat bottoms and it causes some problems
  • There is a risk of the bottles tipping over when the bottles get more empty
  • Dr. Brown’s bottles will not truly be unlikable if the parents forget the discs.
  • All parts of the bottle need to be cleaned separately and it makes hassle sometimes


[su_box title=”Work of Dr. Brown’s Bottle” style=”noise” box_color=”#6ce78a”]The Dr. Brown name is known and popular to most of the parents. They are bothered about the brand before using it. This branded bottle is a great and suitable option for babies who are affected by colic. This branded bottle is fully vented designed and it helps to reduce the intake of air. This system also helps to lessen the burping and gas. The internal venting system helps to slow the flow and it is much safe for babies. This venting system seems very comfortable to the babies. These bottles are so well made product with high quality. Dr. Brown’s bottles help to preserve the nutrients and freshness of milk.  [/su_box]


Total Overview of Philips Avent Bottle

[su_box title=”Features” style=”noise” box_color=”#6ce78a”][su_custom_gallery source=”media: 315″ limit=”56″ width=”500″ height=”400″] There are some parts and accessories with this avent feature bottle. These are a nipple, ring to screw around, a cap to prevent messes, spills, etc. This branded bottle has some sizes like four, nine, and eleven-ounce. These branded bottles have a few parts that can be cleaned easily with a dishwasher and water. These bottles are found on Amazon and Target stores.[/su_box]




  •  Kisha Odom Reviewed in the US on September 27, 2016

I had already bought the Avent branded bottle for my baby. These bottles are just fantastic to use. These branded bottles are not hard to wash and clean. It looks natural to babies. These nipples are just awesome for breastfeeding babies. The flow of the bottle is slow and it helps to avoid nipple-breast confusion.


  • Henry H Reviewed in the US in July 2016

 My son liked the bottle only. These branded bottles are much easy to wash. These bottles have no bags and this helps to cause less gas. I am a new mother and have no idea about colic. I have no experience with bottles. I started with plastic bottles and I was afraid to boil the bottles every day. My son just loved both plastic and glass bottles.


  • petter Reviewed in the US on December 12, 2017

This pack is great for new parents that will love these bottles. My four-plus-month-old son loves these branded bottles. These bottles are very suitable for babies because the babies can easily drink. The brush of the bottles is much larger and it helps the bottle to clean quickly. I just love the blue storage travel container for the formula. I am a preschool teacher and my baby uses pacifiers a lot. It is a great buy for me.


  • Molly f.Reviewed in the US on October 9, 2020

I love the avent branded bottles. I bought a bottle for my first child and I also started to use this branded bottle for my second child again. But I felt that the flow is high for my baby at one month and I used the bottle from the second month of my child.


Pros & Cons

  • The babies who have gassiness and colic problems, they will get more relax with this bottle
  • The nipples of the bottle give more advantages to the babies. the slow and they can get the slow and high flow of the milk as their need
  • There are a few parts of the bottles that need to wash. So, you won’t need to use the detergent to clean.
  • These bottles won’t leak when they are put in a bag or storage
  • These avent bottles are very comfortable to use

  • The flow of the nipple is slow but it becomes fast for some babies
  • The nipple of the bottle can be leaked
  • The nipple of the bottle can not enter the mouth of children and it can cause a great problem sometimes
  • These Philips Avent bottles are low-priced bottle than others in the marketplace


[su_box title=”Work of Philips Avent Bottle” style=”noise” box_color=”#6ce78a”]The Philips Avent bottles are one of the better options for bottle-feeding babies. The design of the bottles helps the babies transition from breastfeeding. These bottles are not inconvenient for babies. These come with some parts than others. So, it takes a little more time to clean all parts of the bottle. The Avent bottles can reduce the air bubbles and prevent the colic of the babies. The bottles have a different shape than others.[/su_box]


[su_box title=”Verdict of dr. browns vs philips avent bottles” style=”noise” box_color=”#6ce78a”]The dr. brown and the Avent bottles are just awesome. The parents can buy any bottle of them. It seems the same to look at the first time but there are some differences between them. Dr. Brown’s bottle has a lot of benefits and it is very hard to ignore the benefits. These branded bottles are made of BPA and it helps to enhance their longevity. Dr. Brown’s bottles are difficult to clean and wash. After all, they are the best eve[/su_box]r.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

 Question: What bottles are good between Avent and Dr. Brown’s?

Answer: There are some different benefits of these two types. Dr. Brown is more affordable where Avent bottles are costly.

Question: Do Dr. Brown’s bottles have more longevity than Avent’s?

Answer: The nipples should be changed after two to three months of the Dr. Brown’s where the Avent should be changed after three to six months.

Question:  How often should we sterilize baby bottles?

Answer: It is best to sterilize the baby bottles at least once daily.


Final Thought

Dr. browns vs philips avent bottles is a great and important subject. The bottle is a major piece of equipment for babies. Sometimes, it’s needed for babies just after their born. The good working bottle mainly varies from baby to baby. Every baby is different. The working capability of the different branded bottles is understood when they are used by babies.


What is the best between Dr. Brown’s and Philips Avent bottle? We have discussed broadly two amazing brands. It is no matter, what brand works the best. The original fact is that, which one your baby will accept eagerly.

Parents should give first priority to their baby’s benefits. Hopefully, you will be able to select the best one for your baby after following this content.

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