Do Toddlers Need Bed Rails?

Every father has the dreaded day in which he has to move the children from the cradle to the bed. The most appropriate thing for this day is to make the child part of the process so that they take it as something natural and do not provoke rejection. The easiest way is to ask for help when assembling the new toddler bed guard rail, select the one that will be your baby’s new bedding, and decorate the new area where the kid’s bed will place in the room.

If you explain to them that sleeping in a large bed is fun, that they will have more space to move around or even for stuffed animals if they sleep with them, this transition will be easy and fun and when you want to realize it, they will be fully adapted to their new bed.

One of the most important fears of this important step does not have your little ones but yours; will my little one fall from the bed to the ground? And to help you with this dreaded doubt, there are comfortable and practical barriers that will let you rest easy knowing that your children are safe and rest happily.

Do Toddlers Need Bed Rails?

The bed railing is an important element when moving from the crib to the bed since they offer extra support in the unprotected area of ​​the bed. Many parents usually stick the bed to the wall to prevent them from falling on one side, but the other side is always unprotected, for this purpose, these products are invented.

In the current market, there are countless models and brands, you will have to see which one adapts to your needs at all times.

Models Of Toddler Bed Rails

Within the types of rails for children’s beds, there is a wide range of possibilities.

  • Travel Railings:

    They are usually smaller, folding, and made of mesh fabric, folding in a comfortable bag for easy transport, making it the ideal option for the safety of your little ones on trips.

  • Handrails for Home:

    Today there are an infinite number of handbags for home, you can find them folding, with very short barriers, which is a drawback if the weight of the child is small, since it could fall in the middle of the night. When not grasping the barrier well, others, on the contrary, have the elongated fasteners to the end of the mattress coming out a little on the other side.

Therefore, their grip is only possible by lifting the mattress, leaving the child safe and without the possibility of releasing it; some even incorporate a small led light at its highest part so that the child feels, in addition, to protect safely if he needs lighting in the middle of the night and is not within reach. With the guard rails for the children’s bed, sleeping will be a pleasure for them and for yourself, since it gives you security and tranquility.

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid

The time of the passage from the cradle to the bed is a moment of the so-called “for adults”, such as going to the school for adults, peeing in the bathroom for adults, and sleeping in the bed “for adults”. Seen in another way it is also “the last time”, the last time he ate in the high chair, the last time he used the potty, the last day of nursery school (sniff), the last night he slept in the crib…

The crib, that space so secluded were the first days it seemed that your baby was lost and now it seems so small.

Well, at this point we begin to talk about those “errors” or confusion when it comes to moving the child to the crib, and to offer him greater security, install a bed barrier.

Convert The Bed Into A Large Crib

Yes, we have gone from a convertible crib to a bed to want to convert the bed into a crib and … that is not “grown-up”. If the decision to leave the crib happens because the baby tries to jump over it, the only thing we can achieve by installing safety barriers so that it covers the perimeter is that they do the same thing they did in the crib, trying to jump over the barriers or leaning on them. Exerting pressure so that the fall will be inevitable.

Want To Buy An Extra High Barrier To Prevent Him From Jumping It

Now you will ask us, so why does the extra high bed barrier exist? No, extra high does not mean that the child has an obstacle to getting out of bed. We are sorry to give you this bad news, but children should be able to get out and get out of bed (they have already acquired motor skills and autonomy and we cannot restrict it)… going to your room and waking you up… is already optional. If we move a few years back in time, the mattresses on the children’s beds were usually quite small in thickness.

They made from this measurement since body weight was less than that of an adult. However, since NASA made its appearance in the mattress field, this has changed quite a bit and now the thickness is … infinite. So the standard baby bed guard rails on thick mattresses did not protect in the least.

Leave a Gap Between 11 And 25 Cm Between The Furniture Or The Headboard Or Another Bed Barrier

EYE, because here we are talking about a very serious risk. The child will not be able to leave, but he will try to sneak into the gap and if it is through his legs … come in, but if he tries to insert his head, it can cause neck trapping with very serious consequences. That is why you will read this child safety warning on all our bed barriers: between the limits of the bed barrier and the elements on the bedside (head, walls, or furniture), a distance between 11 cm and 25 must avoid. cm, to avoid risks of limb or neck entrapment.

We know, because you often ask us, that sometimes acquiring a toddler bed railing can make you sleepy. What if a trundle bed, how extra-long, extra-wide, fabric, wood, folding, that my bed base does not have slats…

Do not have nightmares, within our extensive catalog of best bed rails for toddlers this year we have managed to offer you a product that adapts to all beds and in different measures so that it also adapts to your needs, meeting the highest requirements for child safety.

The universal bed railing is made of light but resistant metal. The fabric is white (with visibility and waterproof) to match everything, easily removable and washable (being white it could not be otherwise), it is folding, extra high (for that of mattresses and infinity), perfectly adaptable to trundle, trundle or normal beds.

Pros and Cons of Toddler Bed Rails

When you decide that your little ones are ready to take the big step from the cradle to the bed, an infinite number of doubts come to you, will they adapt well? Will they sleep alone? Will they call me at night? Bed? Will it fall?

Many of those doubts only time and experience can solve, but the fact that your little one is safe and does not fall out of bed has a solution readily available.

There are perfect bed barriers on the market to help them in this new stage of their lives, which will make overcoming this little fear easy and fast.

They are practical, comfortable, and sometimes foldable so that you can take them wherever you travel, even giving you mobility. If you need it, you can also find them fixed, which are attached from one side to the other of the mattress to ensure that your little one does not throw it away in the middle of the dream.

When you start using barriers, you usually think about whether the bedding will be too tight between the barrier and the mattress. If your little ones will be able to cover and uncover easily, the barrier does not need to place at head height, it will be enough to put it at the height of the trunk unless your son is much movement, so if he is at that height he can cover himself and uncover himself without any difficulty.

Pros of Bed Barriers

  • They are safe since to lower them you have to press both sides of the barrier, a child alone would not get to press the buttons, so he would not get down in the middle of the night.
  • It is not annoying to make the bed or change the sheets, and once it is put, it should not be removed until the child is ready for the next step.
  • The bed barrier that passes under the mattress is not noticeable, it is safe, thin, and adaptable to any bed, so you do not have to worry that the child does not rest to notice something under his bed.
  • The protective mesh of the barrier is in most cases double stitched, so that although the fabric that surrounds it is a bit loose, you will not be afraid of the state of the barrier, thus being able to pass it between brothers with a few years of difference.

Cons of Toddler Bed Barriers

  • You have to have a minimum force to press the side buttons, they are not soft to protect children, and sometimes a slightly weaker person cannot do it alone.
  • Not all are portable, you have to make sure when buying it if you are going to travel or if on the contrary, you are going to leave it fixed in bed since not all of them are portable or have a travel bag.
  • Those that grasp under the entire mattress must put with the help of a second adult, since lifting the mattress and putting it underneath, you cannot do it alone.

How To Choose The Best One?

Your children grow up and that is something undeniable, and a day comes when you have to get them out of the crib to sleep in their own bed, the best way is to explain that the time has come for them to sleep alone, that they will have independence and they are getting older.

This moment can be very traumatic for your child if it is not done in the right way since many have become attached to the crib and you need to prepare them in the right way for the change. You will do it in a fun way by letting them collaborate in the assembly of his new bed, decorating his new corner, and explaining that he will sleep as safe in kid’s bed as in the crib.

To offer them that tranquility and to be calm yourselves, there is a wide range of bed rails on the market, safe, reliable, and durable.

If your little one participates in the choice of this railing, they will feel more excited and comfortable when using it, since it is a very important step for them.

To choose the best bed barrier you must take into account some criteria that will help you not to mistake; you must know if the bed will be glued to the wall since if it is so with a railing it will be enough.

If your son moves a lot, you will choose the railing that fits from one side of the mattress to the other, going under it; they are very safe and are not noticeable when resting on the mattress.

Another option is the wooden railings, they simulate the bars of the crib giving them the security they had inside the crib, but being more uncomfortable since they are not folding and must be removed to make the bed.

A more modern option is the Dream On Me, inflatable cylinders that are placed in a special sheet on both sides of the bed, preventing the child from falling out of the bed but making it easier to get on and off on their own.

Another factor to take into account is if you travel a lot with your children, in that case, it is more convenient for you, a barrier that can be easily folded and has a travel bag, so you will save yourselves buying one for home and another to travel, being the same travel safe than home but slightly smaller.

When buying the barriers it is important to know the size of your son’s bed since there are mini beds and beds of 1.90 meters, you will buy the one that best suits your measurements.

If your son already has ease climbing up and down the bed but what he needs is a small reinforcement to rest more calmly until the fear is removed, you can buy a barrier of smaller size but equally safe.

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