DIY Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed [8 Steps 2023]

If you are in a small residence or the house condition becomes crowded, then a bunk bed can be a great solution for you. Bunk beds are an extremely space-saving addition. You can smoothly figure out bed problems with a wide play area.

You can easily purchase bunk beds from the market or online stores and they are costly enough. But if you can accomplish some woodwork then it will imply a robust and cost-effective bunk bed. Moreover, it is very satisfying to make something for your family.

Here we will illustrate a proper way to DIY twin over queen bunk bed You can easily make the foundation at less of a price and design as you want. Read more about the FAQs on this topic.

DIY Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed Plans

When you are doing DIY you can apply any design to build your own twin over queen bunk bed. There are hundreds of bunk bed designs. We will share some different twin over queen bunk bed plans

  • Wood bunk beds

Solid wood is a classic choice to build twin over queen bunk bed. Typically the wood bunk beds are simple yet functional. But there are no complicated steps to make it. Wood bunk beds are very robust and safe for children. You can add a ladder and snugly place it on the bed’s side

  • Twin XL over queen bunk bed

Adults can use the twin xl over queen bunk bed. This is also called the Alaskan bunk bed style. Older or larger children can easily fit on the bed. The woodworking in this bed is gorgeous.

  • Free 2×4 bunk bed plans

Free 2 x 4 is a popular bed frame that is suitable for children. You can use wood or metal to make this bunk bed. It is quite easy to make and we will share the process below.

  • Triple bunk bed plans

Triple bunk beds will be great if you have more than two children. The design is really cool and you can fit three children in one room. It looks like a ninja course but children will have great fun.

  • Bunk bed plans with invisible slats

This type will be suitable for teenagers. This bunk bed does not have separate slats to climb the upper bed. The side row is used as a ladder. It is also a compact design for a small apartment.

DIY Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed

As the free 2 x 4 bunk bed is very popular, we choose the DIY of making this bed. Following it, you can easily build twin over queen bunk bed plans with stairs. We will use 2 x 4 lumber to make the bed frame. The queen size bunk bed means it will be approximately 60” in width and 80 inches in length.

Core Material 

  • Legs: 72” long – 4 pieces
  • Headboard: 14” long – 4 pieces
  • Cleats: 80” long – 4 pieces
  • Side support: 80” long – 4 pieces
  • Guard rails: 80” long – 4 pieces, 52” long – 2 pieces
  • Ladder: 68” long – 1 piece. 27” long – 2 pieces
  • Slats: 39” long – 26 pieces


  • Screws, pocket screws
  • Putty
  • Glue
  • Stain
  • Drill
  • Twin mattress

Note: Before assembling the frame, you need to pre-drill the lumber.


Step 1: 

First, you need to put together the headboard. Use the drill machine to make pocket holes at each end horizontally and insert screws tightly.

Step 2:

Now, attach the 2 x 4 slats to the headboard panel. Remember, you need to keep an even gap between the slats. You can cut woodblock at 1.⅞ to make the gaps. Drill both ends of the slats and insert screws to join together.

Step 3:

Connect the two headboards to the footboards using side rails. Drill both rails and make pocket holes. Lock the rails with screws and make sure the corners are square. You can use a spirit level to check the rails that they are even horizontally.

Step 4:

Join 1 x 2 cleats to the side rails and they will be interior-faced. Drill pilot holes, align them carefully, secure them with the screws. If you need, use glue to the joints and flush them with the bottom edge.

Step 5: 

Place the 1 x 4 slats to the cleats maintaining 2.1/2 “ even gaps in every slat. Use a 1 x 3” of a scrap piece of lumber to create the even gap. Drill the slats and make pilot holes and insert screws to lock them tightly. Lessen the slats at 39” long.

Step 6:

Fit the ladder support on the front side of the bed. Drill the lumber and join it with the frame. Now attach the steps every 10.¾” gap.

Step 7: 

Then connect the rails on the side panels for security. On the backside, you need to use 80” long lumber and 56” long lumber for the front side.

Step 8: 

Lastly, you need to complete the finishing. Use some putty to fill the holes and smooth the edges with sandpaper. You can also finish clear coats or paints to add more glaze. This is how your queen-size bunk bed is ready.


  1. Will a queen bed fit under a twin loft bed?

Loft beds are very functional and you can fit a queen bed under the twin loft bed. Loft beds allow keeping the furniture underneath it. So you can easily fit another bed.

  1. How do you create a queen size bunk bed?

Queen size means 80 x 60” twin bed frame. In this article, we have exhibited the complete method of making a queen size bunk bed. You can follow it.

  1. Is it cheaper to build your own bunk bed?

Absolutely yes. Loft beds are usually costly in the market. You can cut half of the cost if you make your own bunk bed. They will be sturdy and attractive enough.

Final Words

Bunk beds or loft beds are usually costly in the market. Though the design and sturdiness are excellent. But you can make a strong and attractive bunk bed with minimal material and cost. Here you can know the DIY queen-size bunk bed so that you can consume it easily.

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