Disadvantages of Baby Walkers [Complete Guide 2023]

The baby walker is a common toy for new parents. It’s a great toy for babies to have fun and parents have been using it for many years. But baby walkers have some disadvantages and it’s time to reconsider using it. We’re here today to aware you of the baby walker’s disadvantages so that you can make the right decision to ensure the safety of your beloved baby.

Disadvantages of Baby Walkers

Along with the advantages, baby walkers have disadvantages too. Here are a few disadvantages of baby walkers that you should concern about before bringing a walker home-

Every baby should grow up following the natural method, “Rolling- Sitting- Crawling- Walking”. But when you allow your baby to use a baby walker, it delays strengthening the muscles of the baby needed to stand or walk. People use walkers so that babies can learn to walk quickly; but the truth is, it lengthens the period.

Are Baby Walkers Safe

Baby walkers let the babies reach higher and move faster. And for this, babies can fall into terrible accidents such as rolling down stairs or burning themselves.

Babies can reach objects that they should not get reached with walkers. Such as poisonous chemicals, electrical instruments, or sharp knives.

Baby’s fingers and toes can be injured due to the hinges or folding parts of baby walkers.

Baby walkers allow babies to move faster with the wheels. It reduces your reaction time if the baby leads to an accident. Most of the accidents related to walkers happen in front of parents. They see, but can’t stop it timely because of the speed of the walkers.

Final Note

As we are noticing, baby walkers have many dangerous disadvantages and your baby may get serious injuries. So, we can advise you not to use a walker. Many doctors don’t recommend it too. It’s a wise idea not to use a walker. But on the other hand, it’s a great toy and babies love to play with it as it provides much fun.

So, if you can ensure the safety of your baby in the baby walker, then it can be a great companion for your babies. It depends on how you can handle this.

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