Best Diaper Pail for Odor Control in 2023

Bad odors are unpleasant for all people and often attract the presence of various pests such as flies or rats, something that in the end can have very bad consequences such as serious diseases. Dirty diapers, both for adults and babies, are a source of bad odors since they contain feces and urine that the individual has expelled. That’s why we recommend some best diaper pail for odor control of cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

During the first months of a baby’s life, the smell of his bowel movements is not as strong because he only feeds on breast milk or milk formula. However, after 4 or 6 months they start consuming other types of food the odor of bowel movements changes significantly.

Changing a baby’s diaper is a practice that parents do on a daily basis since it is necessary to keep the baby always clean and dry most of the time to avoid annoying irritations and the loss of sensitive skin. This is something that completely changes the parents’ routine and the environmental odor changes if the appropriate measures are not taken to counteract that problem.

A baby uses between 5 and 6 diapers a day, which can be a little annoying for parents to throw away the bag every time. But if the diapers accumulate in the room, the bad smell will not last long to impregnate everything. That is why to solve this problem fabulous diaper containers were created.

Diaper containers are very similar to ordinary garbage cans, only that they have a filter that prevents the bad odor that diapers contain from escaping. They can also be found in different sizes and with more or less capacity, some may contain 20 diapers, and others up to 50 or 60.

The fact that parents have a diaper container will not only solve the problem of bad odors but also prevent the presence of bacteria and the arrival of pests. Arguably, they are quite a useful item, super practical, and indisputably functional.

However, there are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a diaper container. First, it is recommended that it be made of polyethylene, as this material is extremely strong against bacteria and does not allow them to lodge, and it is very easy to clean.

The size of the container you must choose according to the space of your home. It is useless to buy a large one for the simple fact of solving the problem of diapers. But you will acquire another inconvenience because you will not find where to place the container without bothering you. The most recommended are those with a capacity of 65 liters.

Regarding the plastic that surrounds the diaper, it must fulfill three basic actions: annihilate bacteria and germs, completely eliminate bad odors and seal it perfectly well. So that no type of liquid escapes. In the same way, the container must allow different sizes of refills to be placed, since as time goes by the baby grows and, therefore, the diaper size used is changed.

Top 6 Best Diaper Pail for Odor Control

Another important detail that you should take into account is that the container you choose has a strong safety lock and closes very well so that odors do not escape. You must also verify that it is resistant and childproof, that is, that these do not be able to open it.

Ubbi Steel Odor Locking

Ubbi Steel Odor Locking


The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is one of the best diaper pails for cloth diapers and disposable diapers popular on the market, which has a storage capacity for 55 diapers and its operation is so excellent that it neutralizes bad odors in a few seconds. In addition, its size is ideal for comfort, since it is compact and does not take up much space.

It is a very easy device to use since it is only enough to place the diaper inside the container and turn it so that all the bad smells and dirt are completely isolated. In addition, the bags used are made of a special material that has an antibacterial foil, which is very beneficial in keeping the environment completely clean and free of germs (destroys 99%).

One of the most remarkable characteristics of this container is that it closes and seals each one of the diapers that are inserted individually, which guarantees that the odor is blocked in a few seconds. This system is very easy to install, use, and empty. This greatly alleviates the routine activities of parents.

The worry of getting your hands dirty is completely gone because thanks to the plunger on the lid you don’t have to put your hands in to push the diapers all the way down.

Regarding design, this Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail can found in various colors. This allows parents the freedom to choose the one they like best and that best matches the decoration of the baby. Because beyond being a team dedicated to preserving the cleanliness of the space, that does not mean that the aesthetic aspect should neglect.

Now, in order for the container kept in optimal conditions. It is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance that only consists of washing it with soapy water, and in the event, that odors are experienced. It will suffice to use a little sodium bicarbonate overnight and ready.

The duration of the replacement varies according to the number of diapers used and the capacity of the container. For example, if 3 medium-size diapers are used daily and stored in a 60-diaper container, the replacement should be done every week.

Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail


Dekor is a recognized brand that is responsible for developing products for babies and children. It could not be left out of the innovation of the diaper container and for this reason it launched on the market one of the most practical and useful models that give great comfort to its users.

This is one of the best cloth diaper pail and has a patented system that does not allow bad odors to escape. The most beneficial thing is that any type of bag can be used, which turns out to be quite economical. In addition, the process of cleaning is extremely simple because it is very easy to disassemble.

It is very easy to use the equipment since it is only enough to place the diaper in the upper area of ​​the container and lower the handle so that the odors are completely isolated. It can use with one hand, allowing parents to have better mobility to care for their little ones without any problem.

The design in which this container was made is quite sophisticated and elegant. It will not only serve to maintain good environmental hygiene but at the same time will provide a touch of elegance to all the decoration of the room in which it is located.

The capacity of Diaper Genie container has a storage capacity of up to 30 dirty diapers, for this, it is enough to use a large bag for everyday use that supports up to 25 liters.

As for the opinions of the various users, many agree on the positive reviews, since everyone likes the idea of ​​saving money using common bags. They also highlighted the capacity of the container and assured that it is quite good. The only negative they noted was the fact that they did not have an anti-odor filter for each of the bags, so when removing the large bag all the odor is emitted and for that, it is recommended to do it in an open space.

Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

On many occasions, the top diaper disposal containers are placed at a very low height for the parents and it is quite uncomfortable and unhealthy to bend down at any moment. That is why the creation of a diaper pail base was carried out, which allows this is at a much higher height.

It is a product, that is not considered entirely necessary, but it is something that adds a little to the comfort of parents. Everyday bending over can cause back injuries that in the end can represent a serious problem. The idea of ​​the bucket base is to prevent all this from happening.

This is one of the best baby diaper pails on the market. In addition, this base has a space in which you can store spare parts, which increases comfort and allows everything to stay much more organized. In fact, user reviews highlight all the benefits of this container base.

Diaper Champ 04002-77 Nappy Bin Regular

Diaper Champ 04002-77 Nappy Bin Regular

The Diaper Champ is one of the best diaper pail for odor control that offers excellent service; it is not only one of the most popular models on the market. However, it has three different sizes (small, medium, and large), which is a great help for parents. They have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits their needs and the availability of space in the home.

The main characteristic of this container and the capacity that most attention of the users is that to use this device, no special bags are needed for replacement, so anyone of daily use can be used it. This means that it is less of an expense for different users.

The Diaper Champ has 3 hermetic closures that are the ones that prevent bad odors from escaping to the outside. As for its storage, it has a great variety because 3 sizes are offered: the small allows you to store up to 30 diapers, the medium 50 diapers, and the large 75 diapers. It is designed for professional use, while the other two are intended for home use.

The large cube is ideal for use in spaces such as nurseries, hospitals, assistance centers for people suffering from incontinence, maternity hospitals, etc. For this, a large bag of approximately 120 L should be used.

This is very easy to use because you just need to place the diaper inside the container and rotate the handle. Thanks to its hand-control function (cylindrical head), you avoid having to push the diapers in, so your hands will always be free and ready for you to do whatever activity you need.

To remove the garbage, this container has a folding system installed in the lower area which allows the procedure to be much easier.

Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail

Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail


Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail


Types of Diaper Containers

Knowing the different types of diaper containers that exist is essential before going to buy anyone. Because in this way the user will be able to discover everything that is offered and evaluate which is the best diaper pail 2021 that suits their needs. That is why from here you can get a little information about the existing variety.

There are only two types of diaper containers, whose main difference is that one uses bags and the other does not. However, containers could also be differentiated in terms of their functions.


Classic or refilled diaper containers are the most widely used and are mainly characterized by using special bags for their operation. The biggest advantage of this type of container is that it offers and guarantees its own storage system. This consists of the possession of a hermetic closure specially designed to prohibit the escape of bad odors.

In the same way, the spare parts or replacement bags are made with special materials that have antibacterial and anti-germ properties, which helps to avoid the accumulation of microbes.

In The Void

Dry or vacuum diaper containers are those that do not use any type of bag to place the diapers, they just have to be placed inside the container and that’s it. This option does not offer any type of system that guarantees that odors do not escape. Therefore, some parents may choose to wash the diapers before placing them inside the container.

In the same way, a bit of baking soda could also be placed inside the container to avoid the spread of the bad smell. In addition, you can make a mixture of water with vinegar to help reduce ammonia. Some people choose to use everything together (baking soda, vinegar, and water).

Without Bag

Unlike other models, this type of container is characterized by not using special bags for the proper storage of dirty diapers. It is limited to using common and everyday bags at home. This is a great advantage for parents because they do not have to buy spare parts, however, this could be a disadvantage in preventing bad odors from escaping or bacteria accumulating.

However, this type of container is characterized by having an excellent level of diaper sealing even if the user uses common bags, so in its general operation, no bad odor should escape.


  • Is a diaper pail necessary?

A diaper container is a tool that provides parents with great comfort since it reduces and prevents the accumulation of bad odors. However, it is not considered as a strictly necessary artifact, that is, it is not a basic need for the baby or the adult.

The diaper container only helps to decrease the daily activities of the parents, making everything much easier. It eliminates the need to throw away dirty diapers every moment. But this becomes a weekly or biweekly activity depending on the container capacity.

The most notable advantage is precisely the fact that it allows parents to save time. In addition to eliminating bad odors and preventing the accumulation of bacteria. Special bags are using for their operation, which is made with antibacterial sheets, which prevent germs and contamination.

Another way in which the containers neutralize odors is thanks to a hermetic seal that works as a barrier. This not only prevents any unpleasant odor from escaping but also prohibits any liquid that has come off the very dirty diapers or that have been misplacing inside the bag.

It is essential that before buying any container of diapers, the priorities that are taken into account be taken into account. For this, the capacity of the container, its practicality, portability, the cost of replacement bags, the tightness, the ease of performing the cleaning.

  • How to use a diaper pail?

The use of diaper containers will depend on the model and its type of operation. In the case of classic models, it is necessary to carry out the replacement as soon as the one in use is fill and the replacement that is placed must be compatible with the container. The most desirable is that it be from the same brand.

In the case of containers that use all kinds of bags and those that work under a vacuum for their operation. It is only necessary to empty the container when it has reached its limit and carry out the corresponding cleaning so that odor and bacteria do not accumulate.

  • How to clean a diaper pail?

Preserving the hygiene of the diaper container is extremely important so that unwanted infections do not spread and to preserve its useful life. Cleaning is extremely easy to carry out, just use a little soapy water and if you notice a stranger, you can choose to use a little baking soda.

In the event that you are going to use baking soda, you should sprinkle it all over the container and let it sit overnight, after that use enough water to extract the entire product.

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