Best Diaper for Newborn Boy & Girl of 2023

When the baby is born, it is essential to have a set of diapers on hand, which provide comfort, security, and comfort to the little one in the first weeks of life. You need to know which diaper is the best diaper for newborns. That is why we make this selection with only the best diaper for newborn boys and girls, where you can find items of the highest quality, at various prices.

Perhaps this is the greatest need you have. It is estimated that a baby needs more than 5000 disposable diapers and you have to throw them in a diaper bin until he is ready to stop using them and go to the bathroom by himself. Taking into account, that when they are newborns they can even use 8 diapers a day until they are 4 months old, so calculate how many you need. You must choose the best brands that have the best diaper for your baby.

10 Best Diaper for Newborn Boys and Girls of 2023

This is a staple product for the first two and a half years of a baby’s life, sometimes even longer. Parents need to know which the best product is for their baby, both in terms of comfort and dryness. That’s why we bring you the top 10 baby diaper brands of 2023.

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers


This brand offers you the best diapers for sensitive skin, which are very easy to put on and give the protection you are looking for in this type of diaper. It has a very fast absorption system, so baby’s skin can always be fresh and clean. They are a perfect choice for newborn children weighing up to 3 kg.

They are designed for the first weeks of your baby’s life, they are comfortable and do not seem to cause irritations of any kind, although this is always something relative and varies depending on the different babies. It includes 198 units; at that price, it is difficult to find a brand that offers you that amount.

You can find different sizes; number one is what you are looking for if your baby has just been born, if you want to continue using these diapers at different stages of their growth, you have at your disposal a whole series of sizes for older babies.

And with its model, it is very easy to put on. This will come in handy for first-time parents who don’t know very well how to put diapers on their babies and don’t want to make life too difficult. As for its price, it is very good, so this diaper is a perfect option for your newborn baby.

  • This diaper provides superior non-woven quilting technology
  • This work great for sensitive skin
  • There is no obnoxious odor
  • Softer than other diapers
  • The absorbency is good enough
  • The design is good
  • The diaper is little bit thinner
  • It leaks several time

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers


For years, Luvs diapers have been a benchmark of quality for millions of parents, since their designs are capable of providing the absorption and breathability necessary for the child to feel comfortable at any time of the day. Therefore, it is not surprising the positioning acquired by this model, is made with a 100% ecological membrane, dermatologically approved and free of artificial aromas.

This is the best diaper for a newborn boy; so, you will not have to worry about the generation of an allergic reaction or irritation on the baby’s delicate skin. The product has been put on sale in a presentation of 228 units, aimed at children weighing between three and five kilograms, which is considered ideal for newborns.

The diaper has an elastic waist and legs to provide a completely anatomical fit, complemented by the pair of sidebands for fast and secure closure.

This is a good product; aimed at those who are in search of a comfortable, anatomical, and absorbent diaper.

  • They absorb a lot and it absorbs the urine too quickly than other diaper
  • No spills or leaks
  • Dry for a long time
  • Recommended for babies with sensitive skin, atopic or chemical sensitivity.
  • Reasonable price
  • A few customer complained about the unpleasant smell
  • Wetness Indicator is missing

Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers

Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers


Huggies Newborn size 1 is suitable for babies from 2 to 5 kilos and can hold up to 8 hours without loss. Because its design allows it to adapt perfectly to the baby’s body without generating friction. They have very soft extra protective bars on the legs and waist to avoid losses. Also, so that the baby’s skin is in contact with moisture for the shortest possible time, this diaper has super absorbent pads inside.

You will notice it to the touch when you change his diaper. To know when to change the diaper without disturbing the baby, this diaper has a moisture indicator line that changes color when a change is necessary.

Baby’s skin will always be ventilated because the texture of the fabrics that cover the diaper is breathable. Also, it is intended that there are no leaks of any kind. For this purpose, the design of these diapers has a special elasticized waist that will act as a barrier around the legs.

In order not to disturb the baby from time to time, these diapers have a humidity indicator. This way you will find out that it is time to change his diaper when it is necessary.

This well-known brand of diapers is sweeping the market where thanks to its innovative recurring purchasing system.

  • It is able to absorb the liquid a few seconds after detecting it
  • The anatomical design gives greater comfort between the legs
  • Beautiful engraved drawings
  • It incorporates a system that will indicate when your baby has wet the diaper
  • They stand out for being easy to put on, as well as changing quickly
  • If your baby needs, you will notice how a very unpleasant smell invades the environment

Pampers Pure Protection Hypoallergenic Disposable Baby Diaper

Pampers Pure Protection Hypoallergenic Disposable Baby Diaper


This line of diapers starts from size 0, which is ideal for low birth weight or premature babies. The internal and external texture of the diaper is very soft, and has extra protective barriers on the waist, and legs so that there are no losses of any kind, nor on the back, which are usually the most frequent in the smallest.

Its design has a bite on the front to avoid any friction with the umbilical cord. It has three super-absorbent tubes to prevent moisture from remaining in contact with the baby’s delicate skin. Keeps it dry for 8 hours.

One of its positive points that have caught my attention the most is that they do not have any kind of smell, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, something quite appreciated in this type of product.

They also stand out for their softness, in such a way that they have a comfortable and pleasant use for newborns.

Although the Pampers brand is especially well known, it is worth trying it, since it has little to envy to other well-known brands, and it has a slightly lower price.

  • Ideal for babies born small or underweight
  • They are extremely soft and quickly absorbed to avoid irritations
  • When they are wet, it changes color to blue, so you know you have to change it without constantly checking it
  • It is breathable, so moisture does not accumulate inside
  • They fit without leaving redness or marks on the skin
  • With an excellent anti-spill seal
  • Protects baby’s skin, with 3 absorption channels that distribute moisture
  • As many diapers are so small, they may stop serving the baby very quickly and you will have many unused

Huggies Little Snugglers Newborn Diaper

Huggies Little Snugglers Newborn Diapers


Pampers Baby Dry Disposable Baby Diapers

Pampers Baby Dry Disposable Baby Diapers


Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers

Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers


Honest Company Clean Conscious Diapers

Honest Company Clean Conscious Diapers


Andy Pandy Eco Friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers

Andy Pandy Eco Friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers


A brand that a few years ago was unknown, but has gained a certain reputation for offering quality products at a more than affordable price.

Part of its success lies in the fact that they offer a product with which the baby is not irritated at all, and, also, it has a more than decent absorption quality, being able to affirm, then, that it is a product of optimal quality a good price.

Also, it is a completely biodegradable product, which most diapers are not, a way to help the environment most unexpectedly.

The main defect that they seem to have is that they are somewhat smaller than most diapers; it is enough to know it to be able to buy the most suitable size for your baby.

  • This is free of fragrances
  • There is no blowouts or leaking issues
  • The wetness indicator work awesome
  • This is super soft and hypoallergenic
  • Thanks to its particular composition, you can be 100% sure that your baby will not suffer irritations of any kind
  • It has the advantage of being a biodegradable product, a rare bird in this type of utensil
  • They are somewhat bigger than the average, a fact to take into account before buying one size or another

The Honest Company Diapers – Newborn

The Honest Company Diapers - Newborn


Newborn babies are very sensitive to agents present in the environment, so care must be taken to which products remain exposed. In this case, these diapers size 1 are ant allergic and fragrance-free, since they do not contain chlorine, PVC, or added odors, allowing your child to use them without problems.

Also, its softness and absorption make it possible to say goodbye to the irritations and humidity of your child’s bottom, which will stay dry and protected for a long time.

In the same way, they are ecological diapers with 3 ecological quality certification seals, so you can use them without worrying about the environmental impact they will have. They also have a humidity indicator, which tells you when the best time to change the diaper is.

On the other hand, they come in four batches of 32 diapers, causing you to purchase 128 diapers at the same time.

  • They are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin of the little ones
  • The leak protection is pretty good
  • The pattern is good
  • This product does not cause irritation to the baby’s skin, preventing it from staying moist and protecting it from any residue present on its diaper
  • This is not so soft
  • Little bit expensive than other diapers

How To Buy The Best Diaper For Newborns?

If you have carefully read the comparison, you will have realized that the possibilities when choosing diapers for newborns are multiple and very varied, and what to buy the best option depending on your needs is not especially easy.

To, in some way, organize all the information you should know, in the following lines you can find the most notable aspects to take into account.

First, it should be noted that, in this sector, brands play an important role, so choosing between one of more renown or one of less becomes a crucial decision.

The main advantage provided by the best-known brand, such as Pampers, is the guarantee of going let’s say ‘on the safe side, that is, benefiting from a product manufactured by a brand that has been bringing quality products to the market for years.

On the other hand, opting for a lesser-known brand tends to be much cheaper, but you tend to think, although, in reality, this has never been exactly the case, that they imply a greater risk, since they are not a well-known brand.

Is it worth ‘taking a risk’? In my opinion, yes, because the products of unknown brands also seem to have benefits, at least as advantageous as those of better-known brands.

Secondly, look for the one that is most comfortable for the baby, this means that it does not get irritated or have any discomfort of any kind, most usually are, but this is a factor that will vary depending on the baby.

In such a way that a brand could be much more comfortable for your baby for no apparent reason, therefore, it is just a matter of knowing them all well.

Third, the number of units that arrive in the pack is another fact to take into account, since a small number of units, in addition to being more expensive (at a price per unit) will imply the need to buy the pack again.

On the other hand, buying large packs is much more comfortable and much cheaper, but instead, they have a higher starting price, with all the disadvantages that this implies.

How To Choose The Best Baby Diaper?

When you are expecting or already have a baby, one of the things that parents are most concerned about is having the right diapers for when they are born. Also, these articles are essential, since they not only contain the little one’s waste but also sanitize and prevent contamination around him. Also, these protect the child’s skin, as it is very delicate and there is even a risk of irritation and burns from maintaining constant contact with liquid.

If you need more information, we recommend you read the following guide to buy the best baby diaper, in which we summarize the aspects that you should consider before making an investment of money in this type of product.

Buying Guide


In any comparison of baby diapers, we have to evaluate the materials with which they are made since it will depend on these so that the child does not suffer allergies, rashes, or any other skin complication. Previously, it was common to only find cloth diapers that guaranteed economy and few health risks, but since the appearance of disposable diapers in 1940, there was a radical change in this regard.

Disposable diapers are made of several layers of cellulose, some are made of polyester or sodium polyacrylate and the level of absorption depends on these materials. They also have a fabric exterior, usually polyethylene that allows better air circulation.

We must also be aware of the material of the elastics and the way of fastening, as this can be a reason for skin injuries if they are not the most suitable. Today, many options include elements to take care of your baby, such as diapers with aloe vera, adjustable closures, and even to use as a swimsuit.

Size and Fit

Another basic point to consider when choosing diapers for your baby is the size it should use and the different variations it has depended on the brand. When your child is born you must have several size 0 or newborn packages, but you should not buy an exaggerated amount because children grow very fast.

You have to know that the size of the diaper is given by the weight of the child, and therefore you will have to buy them as your child gains pounds. Also, these items are designed to prevent leaks and therefore bring elastics into the absorbent area and on the outside of it.

Not all diapers are properly attached to the child and the comfort and freedom of your child to move depends on this, in addition to avoiding leaks. If you do not know the size of your little one, it is best to test until you get the one indicated for him.


Among the factors that you should evaluate to know if an economical diaper is also good for your baby, is the absorption of this, since during the first months of your child his stools will be liquid and therefore, the diaper must have a good absorbency for protecting the baby’s skin from contact with them.

Also, you should review how waste is distributed through the diaper because knowing this, you will see if your little one is exposed to an infection in the skin or his genitals, especially if it is a newborn. This point is important, because the higher the humidity, the greater the skin exposure.

The type of absorption is different from diapers at day or night because during the day the child can be awake and playing and you will notice if he needs a change. On the contrary, for the nights an absorption of more than 8 hours is needed so that he and you can rest, yes, it is recommended to change it before taking it to sleep.


This is a fundamental aspect when buying a diaper, and it is that, if the economy is an important point for your family and you have more than one child, you should know that you could spend a lot on these items since it is estimated that a child uses approximately 6,000 diapers throughout his childhood.

It should also be noted that some studies have shown that parents only see how much the diaper costs when they buy for the first time or if they need to change brands, so large corporations take advantage of this to increase prices in larger.

Also, you should not buy a large number of diapers, since children grow at an incredible rate, so if you buy many packages of one size, you will lose them and you will have to find options, such as giving them away or selling them. Ideally, you wait until it is about to be born and you know its weight to start shopping.

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