Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow Reviews in 2023

Plagiocephaly is known as a flat head syndrome since it is a condition that babies develop in their first months of life, it is characterized by having a flat or asymmetric area on the head, which can be generated by various factors, being the most common positional.

Positional plagiocephaly usually occurs when there is or there is some external pressure in the affected area, the skull of babies is easily modified because they are extremely soft because it is still forming. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care that they do not suffer a blow or that they spend a lot of time resting their heads on the same side.

Some time ago, it was recommended to always put babies to bed on their stomachs to avoid these deformations. However, this position increases the risk of sudden death. That is why today what is recommended is various the position in which the baby is kept throughout the day, as well as the use of the best baby head shaping pillow to prevent positional deformations.

In most cases, plagiocephaly is naturally corrected within a few months, approximately between 6 and 8 months; however, if the plain of any area is noticed in time, it is advisable to consult with a specialist to indicate the appropriate treatment and detect early if it is something serious.

It should be noted that the treatment would be conditioned by the baby’s age and by the severity of the deformation. If it is mild, it can be easily corrected with a simple repositioning therapy to help the head to be round with simple techniques.

However, if the deformation is a little more serious, the pediatrician will probably choose to send the child some orthopedic therapy in which he must use a special helmet or a band that will help to mold the head.

Now, some of the most recommended treatments in terms of preventing plagiocephaly is the use of pillows or cushions specially designed to prevent the baby’s head from deforming. Every day they are more common and sought after in the market for their high efficiency.

These best baby pillows or cushions are characterized by giving the baby good support. So that it supports its head with enough comfort and that in turn does not run any risk of deformity. The best thing is that they are used in all the spaces that the baby occupies, it is said, in the cradle, bed, car, playpen, car seat and etc.

The way in which the cushions and pillows are made is to reduce the pressure on each one of the points of the head. All this is order so that the brain can grow easily and without any obstacles that contribute to deformation. They favor the round and natural growth of the head.

This is known as one of the most recommended methods for prevention. As it turns out to be very easy to implement because there are designs that can be used from the first day of birth. Using these methods helps the baby not have to undergo more severe treatments during her growth due to some serious deformation.

In the same way, parents should also help the child by changing his position quite frequently and thus prevent him from adopting a single position when sleeping or lying on a surface. It is very important to teach the little one to rotate his head by himself, for this stimulation is very important.

To get a baby to start rotating his head, the first thing is to get his attention with an object and when the little one has his gaze fixed on it, start moving it from one side to another. This will cause the child forced to turn your neck if you want to continue seeing what you or they like so much.

Pillows and cushions to avoid plagiocephaly are the best head shaping pillow to prevent any deformation from appearing, but exercises are also necessary, a joint work must be done to obtain the expected results. However, later you can find more information about pillows and cushions so you can choose the best pillow for baby flat head that suits your baby’s needs.

Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow Reviews in 2023

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Features To Look For In Pillows For Plagiocephaly

Currently, there is a wide variety of pillows for plagiocephaly, so it is sometimes very difficult to make a correct choice. So from now on, you will find some characteristics that you should look for in this type of pillow so that you can choose the one that best suits you. Adapt to your baby’s needs.

The shape is one of those things to consider since it is vitally important that it has an opening or cavity in the central area. Since that is what will help reduce the pressure exerted on the different cranial points, reducing it up to 4 times the same because it will go from 40g / cm2 to 10g / cm2.

For its part, the materials with which the pillow is made must also be reviewed. It is necessary to verify that they are 100% safe and that they do not contain any toxic substance. They must be hypoallergenic so that no type of reaction occurs in the baby’s skin, as well as being resistant, soft, and extremely comfortable. It is essential that the baby feels comfortable and happy with her pillow

Within that, comfort comes the fact that it can be adapted to any space without modifying or decreasing its operation. Therefore, it must be tested on different platforms before buying it or, failing that, when signing it specifies or shows the spaces in which it can be used. The idea is that it can be put in a bed, bassinet, car, and rocker and even in the car seat.

When it comes to brands, it is also essential that you buy a pillow that is made by a recognized brand that ensures reliability, and guarantees that it offers a good product. On many occasions, you will come across imitations that are not entirely good. Remember that the pillow seeks to avoid or correct brain deformations and the least you want is to get a product that instead of helping can aggravate the problem.

On the other hand, you should verify that the pillow is anti-mite since these insects usually stay in this type of place and can cause some diseases. Therefore, it is also ideal that it is washable since that way it is avoided Dirt builds up and hygiene can be maintained.


  • Are flat head pillows safe for babies?

The importance of pillows for plagiocephaly is that they help to eliminate the pressure that causes the skull to flatten. So the pillow helps it develop naturally and can be rounded as it should, in such a way that noticeably reduces the risk of deformations.

Note that these pillows could also help correct slight deformations already existing. However, it should be borne in mind that this could be an extremely slow process, in the end, if it is possible to correct, but parents must be patient, it is not something that will happen from one moment to another.

It is important to determine that, exactly what the causes of plagiocephaly are. Because one of the most common causes is prolonged positions. Sometimes other factors may influence the baby’s own metabolism, as well as the number of hours of sleep.

Based on the two previous factors, it is very difficult to determine exactly the time that the baby will have to use the pillow or cushion so that the deformation can be corrected. The time usually varies between three and five months, but everything will depend on the development of the baby and the severity of the injury.

One of the most notable benefits that the pillow provides to prevent and correct plagiocephaly is that, unlike other methods. It does not limit the mobility of the baby’s head. On the contrary, it allows the baby to move with all the freedom he wants. So It also helps the baby to strengthen his neck muscles and recover the roundness of the head more quickly.

In the same way, both the cushion and the pillow to prevent and correct plagiocephaly, are conditioned so that the baby can breathe correctly. Since they are made with a special foam that allows air to circulate much better, so it can perspire with easier.

  • How to wash pillows for plagiocephaly?

The washing of the pillows or cushions will depend on the material with which it has been made, since not all require the same care. In case the material is polyester, for example, it is easily washable in the washing machine with cold water without any inconvenience. However, for drying it is not recommended to use the dryer, instead, it is suggested to use 2 flat towels and uniformly exert pressure to absorb all the water; it should not be twisted because the pillow or cushion can be deformed.

In such a case that the pillow is made of another material. You must pay attention to the instruction manual and follow the instructions expressed therein to the letter. In this way, you will avoid performing any bad procedure that could spoil or deform the same.

Ages To Use Pillows For Plagiocephaly

Today there is a wide variety of cushions and pillows designed to prevent or correct plagiocephaly. They can be obtained in different sizes, shapes, and colors and adjusted according to the age of the baby, so some can be used from the first day of life.

From now on, I will show you a brief list of the different types and models of pillows and cushions that exist to treat plagiocephaly, making the separation by age. This way it will be easier to identify which one your baby will need in each season of its growth.

From 0 to 3 Months

One of the ideal models for the baby to use in its first 3 months of life is the L-shaped cushion since at that time the child’s cervical bones are still contracted. So it is necessary to provide them with a cushion that guarantees comfort and gives them the correct bra.

The main objective of this type of cushion is to protect the roundness of the baby’s head and prevent it from deforming. In those first months, their skull is highly moldable. In the event that the child has already been born with the deformation, this product is ideal to correct it. It redistributes the pressure and the orientation of the head, which makes it begin to round.

It is important to verify that the cushion or pillow has a special shape in which the baby can have its head in the center and that when moving it is not exposed to malformations.

From 1 to 12 Months

During this period of life, the baby can use an XL cushion, which, like the previous one, provides comfort and does not allow the head to deform, and it can use for a long period without affecting its functioning.

From 5 to 18 Months

From the age of 5 months, the ideal model for the baby to use is the XXL cushion. The child is already a little bigger and this cushion has the characteristic of being much higher and more spacious compared to the XL. In addition, this ensures that the baby avoids removing his head on his own.

In the three cases already exposed, it is important to verify that the cushion and pillow are anti-drowning. Therefore, it is most recommended that they have a special foam inside designed specifically for it, the model to be used must allow passage of correct airflow to increase perspiration.

The safety of the baby is important at all times, so it must be ensured that he never stops breathing so his nose is facing the pillow.

Babies can use this type of cushions and pillows until two years of age when the skull is still forming, although if you want to use it for a little longer, you can. However, you can consult with your pediatrician or an orthopedic expert, since they are the specialists and can determine much better if it is recommended or not.

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