Benefits of The Nursing and Pregnancy Pillow

Today we want to talk about the benefits of using a nursing pillow. Especially for all those moms who choose to breastfeed, these types of pillows for pregnant women are very useful both when they are in the gestation phase and when the baby is born.

When we see this type of cushions, we think that they only serve for the moment of breastfeeding the baby. But we can really get much more functionality for the mother, the baby or even the father can also benefit from the utilities of this product.

We are also going to analyze the different types of nursing cushions that we can find, and we delve into the most important aspects that we must look at before choosing one model or another. Finally, we discussed the typical objections that some moms have about this product.

Benefits of The Nursing and Pregnancy Pillow

It has always been associated that using a nursing pillow is only useful for those future moms who opt for the option of breastfeeding. But really this type of pillow for pregnant women is also useful even if the mother chooses to breastfeed the baby through bottles.

Who can benefit from using such a cushion? Well, the whole family can really take advantage of it. So let’s check it out.

For The Pregnant

  • Only when you are pregnant do you understand how difficult it is to get a good sleeping position. Well, with one of those long and flexible nursing pillows, which we will see later, it is easier to find a more comfortable position to fall asleep. As you can see in the image, this is the most common way to use this pillow for a pregnant woman to sleep better. This benefit only occurs with elongated cushions, those that are U-shaped are not long and flexible enough to be used when sleeping.
  • When the baby has already been born, and if you are one of the 30% of mothers who have opted for natural breastfeeding, with a breastfeeding cushion you can find an optimal position for the newborn to latch on to the breast, and both of you can be comfortable for the duration of the shot. This is the typical function that we all associate with this type of product, later we will see how to use the breastfeeding cushion correctly; depending on the breastfeeding position that we use.
  • Many people and relatives like to hold the newborn and hold it in their arms even if it is asleep. Well, we can offer this type of pillow so that the baby continues to sleep peacefully in the arms and avoid back pain or uncomfortable positions for a long period.

For The Baby

  • Another beneficial utility that a pregnant pillow has for the newborn is that it can be used so that the baby begins to remain seated when he is a few months old and begins to have more control over his body. Of course, this benefit can only be obtained with the cushions that have a U shape; the elongated ones would not serve for the baby to remain supported by itself.
  • Some brands that manufacture this type of breastfeeding pillows also sell a type of cover with a harness. So that they can sit the baby on the cushion and use it as if it were a small rocker, (we will show you a video of this type of article later).
  • What if you belong to the 70% of mothers who have opted for bottle feeding? Because the father must help with the taking of bottles, and of course, he can also use the cushion to obtain a more comfortable position.

Types of Pillows For Pregnant Women

We have already seen up to 6 utilities that we can obtain in a nursing pillow. So now, we are going to analyze the different kinds of pillows for pregnant women that we can find in the market.

  • U Shape

The first type of breastfeeding cushions that we can find are those that are U-shaped and they usually measure slightly more than half a meter. They are smaller and less flexible so sometimes we can have more difficulty in finding a more comfortable position when breastfeeding.


Obviously, being a smaller product, this type of cushion is much cheaper than the next ones that we are going to see.

  • Extended Form

Another style of nursing pillows is those that are more elongated and flexible, they can measure almost 2 meters in length. They are more manageable and are very useful for the pregnant woman to find a comfortable position in bed at bedtime.

  • With Vibration

Within the childcare sector, you can find products of all kinds, there are also nursing cushions with vibration. Before choosing this type of pillow, it would be advisable to ask your midwife or gynecologist about its suitability.

  • With Harness To Swing

For both elongated and U-shaped pregnancy pillows, a cover that has a harness can be attached so that once placed we can sit the baby on the cushion. Therefore, you can sit still and get a little sway with your own body movement. In the following video, you can see how it is used.

How To Use a Breastfeeding Pillow Correctly

We have already seen all the benefits that we can get from a nursing pillow, as well as the different models that we can find. Then you can see in the following video how this type of pillow is used correctly for breastfeeding the baby (from minute 1 and 35 seconds).

There are 4 natural breastfeeding positions that we can use with our newborn, and in all of them, the pillow can be useful to better support the baby and avoid uncomfortable positions or the dreaded back pain.

  • Cradle Position

In this position, we are going to hold the little one with the arm that is located on the same side as the chest that we will use to give him the shot. The baby’s body is in contact with the mother’s belly and with the use of the pillow; we are going to make us use less force to lift her head so that she can reach the nipple to suck.

  • Cross Cradle Position

In this position, the mother holds the baby’s head with the hand opposite the breast she is going to use for feeding; in this way with the other hand, she has more freedom to direct the breast towards the baby’s mouth. This location requires greater firmness and consistency, so with the help of the cushion, we will be able to reduce the effort to be made.

  • Co-Sleeping

Today, co-sleeping is on the rise, so we can breastfeed the baby lying on the bed next to him. This time we will use the breastfeeding pillow to put the baby on top so that it better reaches the breast for feeding.

  • Breastfeed in Soccer Ball Position

Although it is a less common position, the pillow can also be used to help support the baby’s body on the mother. In this position, we hold the newborn as if it were a ball, that is, with the hand on the same side as the chest that we are going to use.

Important Characteristics of a Pregnancy Pillow

If you are already convinced about using a nursing pillow, here are some important aspects that you should take into account when choosing one brand or another:

pregnancy pillow

  • Like all the garments that we need for a baby, it is highly recommended that the fabric of the nursing pillow be 100% cotton.
  • It is important that the cushion cover is removable so that it can be washed. Keep in mind that these pregnancy pillows are used especially for breastfeeding the baby. So it is normal that it gets quite dirty, and it will be easier to wash a cover than the pillow with its filling.
  • As with mattresses, they can also have a cushion protector so that stains do not reach the filling.
  • It is important to look at the type of padding that the nursing pillow is made of. The most common thing is to find that it is made up of small polystyrene balls, but there are also those filled with wool or cereals. Here you can find more information about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of filling.
  • In the event that you are having twins or twins, choose a cushion large enough so that both of you can fit during breastfeeding.

Main Objections To Buying Nursing Pillows

If you browse pregnancy forums, you can find quite a few objections about the use of a nursing pillow. The most common are:

  •  It has a very expensive price:

For $ 50 you can find U-shaped pillows, although the elongated ones are around $ 84. This means a very small percentage compared to the cost of the stroller, the crib, all the clothes you will need, etc.

Above I can assure you that this investment of $ 84 is more than profitable if with that you avoid back or neck pain, which you will later have to pay in a masseur or in pain medications.

  •  They are very large and then bulky to store:

We have seen that there are nursing pillows that are barely half a meter long, it really does not need a lot of space to store. Even elongated ones are flexible and can be rolled up to take up less space.

In addition, who says that after breastfeeding we cannot use these comfortable pillows on the sofa or in bed.

  •  It’s very hot:

For this reason, we recommend using breastfeeding cushions that are made of breathable materials such as cotton.

  •  These pregnancy pillows are useless:

As you have been able to read throughout this post, we have found up to 6 uses for it, whether you choose to breastfeed or use a bottle for baby feeds.

You have already seen all the uses that you can get from this type of pillow in pregnancy and how to use it as a nursing pillow. Now you just have to choose your favorite model to share with your baby.

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