Babybjorn Carrier One Air Review

Any father or mother wants the best for their children, and for that reason, when they are young and have to be carried from one place to another, they do not look for just any backpack: they want the best baby carrier they can find.

Now, what factors must be taken into account to consider a baby carrier as such?

It is not easy to point out a specific characteristic, rather when assessing it is necessary to look at a set of them. Do you have a soft fabric that will not irritate the child’s skin? Can you hold enough weight? Does it fit the growth stages and is not obsolete or out of use in a month?

In addition to all that, you also have to make sure that the child does comfortable in it and can move freely, and that the backpack is stable and safe.

In short, there will be models of all kinds, some better and others worse, but what we are asking ourselves to know here today is whether the one baby bjorn carrier original is the best baby carrier on the market or failing that. Since this is an appreciation both subjective- if it can be considered in the group of baby carriers that can be bought with total confidence.

That is why we are going to make a detailed study of its characteristics, clarify its strengths and those others that could be improved, and give a final assessment.

Definitely, your little one deserves the best so let’s get on with it.

Babybjorn New Baby Carrier One Air

BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One Air


Rating: 9 / 10

Perhaps there are those who question whether this is the best baby carrier you can find, but what is out of the question is that it is an excellent choice.

The babybjorn carrier one air offers comfort, adjustability, and flexibility, and provides all the necessary elements that a product related to transporting a baby must have.

The freedom of movement that it provides both the child and the wearer, and its stability allow it to be very easy to introduce the baby to its environment, and to become familiar with the world while establishing an affective bond with the adult, usually the father or mother, who use the backpack.

The result is a well-thought-out, comfortable, stable, and safe product, which responds to the needs of both parents and children over a long period of time, and which has no defects that can be pointed out as such, despite the fact that it always there may be someone who can sharpen any little detail.

So is it the best baby carrier there is? It is certainly one of the best, and buying it will never be a mistake.

Characteristics of Baby Bjorn Carrier Original

The One Baby Bjorn baby carrier has a system of belts that ensure a comfortable position and that do not cause any discomfort to the baby, regardless of the stage in which it is in its development. From newborn to 3 years old and up to a weight of 3.5 kg, the backpack offers all the guarantees.

This system of belts that adjust to the waist, torso, and shoulders of the adult, allows the child to remain upright, something that in a baby carrier is especially important since the fact that it remains in a pleasant position is essential so that the child can stay for long periods without experiencing discomfort.

The belts have an elastic design and are padded, so they do not hurt the torso and shoulders of the adult who uses the backpack. Cotton fabric is also a strong and resistant material very suitable for contact with the skin of a child.

In addition to the comfort of the little one, it is also essential that it be comfortable for the wearer, in this case there is no problem since it is adaptable to any type of adult body.

Even changing the position of the child while using the baby carrier can be done easily and safely. With a simple movement, the position can be changed from the chest area to the back, without external help, and without having to remove the backpack.

The One BabyBjorn baby carrier offers a special fit for newborns and has a padded fabric that in addition to providing a stable position, concentrates heat.

An eyelash can be deployed in the neck area, it allows support in the head area. This tab is perfect for greater protection in newborn babies and helps them maintain their stability if the child falls asleep while placed in the backpack.

It has an adjustment in the width that can be regulated depending on the stage of development in which it is. Therefore, the passage of time and the consequent growth of the child are aspects already foreseen and that have been taken into account in its design, which provides an important advantage: greater durability.

Contrary to what happens with clothes and many baby utensils that become useless very quickly, this backpack is prepared to be able to transport the little ones during their first three years of life.

Main Advantage

The One Babybjorn baby carrier carries the baby comfortably but is also comfortable for the wearer.

It is useful for long walks and excursions, and activities that require a moderate degree of mobility can be carried out.

The tranquility offered by holding the child allows you to perform movements without fear that the stability of the baby is at risk.

Both the choice of the type of fabric (flexible and padded) and the shape, which exposes the extremities to grant freedom of movement, are very well thought out

In addition to all these specific advantages of this model, we must not forget that provided by baby carriers at a general level during the first months of life. These devices help to establish a closer relationship between the baby and the adult carrying the backpack.

Main Disadvantage

The One BabyBjorn baby carrier cannot be said to have any deficiencies worth noting. If anything, the thickness of the layers on the belts and of the padded fabric is not the most favorable during hot or dry climates, but it is something that cannot be avoided without sacrificing the safety of the child.

Dressing him in cool, light clothing will minimize this possible discomfort.

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