Baby Shopping List for First Time Moms and Dads

The arrival of a baby in a home is always great news, which will fill the home with joy and open up to parents, especially if they are first-timers, a new world hitherto unknown. To make the experience more bearable there is a baby shopping list for first time moms and dads, it does not hurt to know which objects will make this arrival easier and which are a great help.

Baby Shopping List for First Time Moms

However, we are going to focus on the basics, as one of the complaints of parents with some experience is how dozens of things have accumulated that they did not even use later. In return, it is worth spending a little on quality products that do not break after a few uses. And to ease the acquisition of these products, you can stagger your purchases or take advantage of some of the quick loans that the current market offers us. Having said that, let’s get into the matter and see what should not be missing when caring for our baby.

Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

Here are some essential newborn baby shopping list

Crib and Mattress

The crib is one of those essential elements so that you and your baby can rest comfortably at night and also so that your little one has a calm and relaxed space to get used to the world. When choosing the best baby crib, it will be necessary to see its size, as these vary, as well as the specific model of the crib that interests you most.

If we look at the market, we will see how there are traditional cut cribs, co-sleeping cribs, equipped with a side that can be removed to facilitate rest or convertible cribs, which grow with your little one as time goes by.

Regarding measurements, the classic crib has dimensions of 120 x 60 centimeters, while the bed cribs grow to 140 x 70 centimeters. By the way, in parallel to the purchase of the crib it is necessary to buy the corresponding best baby crib mattress, being essential that it has a perfect fit and quality material when it comes to accommodating the little one.

Changing Table

The changing table can unite three elements in one: the changing table, the bathtub, and a large chest of drawers where you can store everything your baby needs. Both for space and for economic savings, this is the most recommended option. Having these three elements in a single object avoids filling the house with more pots of the bill, just as it would if you had the bathtub, the changing table, and the furniture separately.

Also, integrated models always tend to be of higher quality than stand-alone products. Added to this is the comfort that if you are going to change your baby or if you are going to bathe him, you can always organize the drawers to have whatever you need on hand. An idea with which to gain comfort and spend more time with your little one.

High Chair

The high chair is another of the basic elements for our little one. This high chair is nothing more than a chair adapted to the size of the baby, offering a large interior space to rest. When choosing the best high chair, it is essential that we see its measurements, taking into account that it will be used in the living room but also in the kitchen, becoming a great ally when it comes to doing day-to-day tasks while our baby is safe.

This high chair can be of the traditional or evolutionary type so that it changes its position over time to adjust to the size of the baby. In any case, the product should always be compact, have a reclining seat for when our little one wants to sleep, and have an easy-to-clean material when he starts enjoying his first meals.

Baby Stroller

To leave the house it will be necessary to have a stroller or similar, with which our little safe trip and we can move comfortably around the city or on the terrain that we have around us. One of the big questions that arise is whether to use a normal stroller or what is called a trio, which unites both the stroller and the bassinet and the car seat.

In case you need both a car seat and the stroller itself, the trio option is one of the most interesting. This combination of products is more economical than if we buy them separately, also having the advantage that it is much easier to mount the different elements on the car chassis comfortably.

On the other hand, if you do not have a car, the option of buying a compatible cart without further ado may be more interesting, although everything depends on the price. By the way, if the stroller or cart you want to buy does not have a carrycot, it is not a problem, because today it is an essential element thanks to the quality design of today’s cars.

Everyday Objects

Until now, we have talked about general products with specific uses. But your baby will also need a certain amount of everyday objects, which also need to be purchased. Among these objects, we have supplies for feeding, such as best bottle warmers, also plates, and cutlery. We also have everything related to hygiene, with shampoos, gels, towels or bath capes, baby scissors, and other related products such as best swaddles. Obviously, baby clothes will also be necessary, with bodysuits, pajamas, street clothes, etc. And we cannot forget the toys, always adapted to the baby’s age and with an educational character.

At this point, it is advisable to make a list of the objects that we are going to need, trying not to get carried away by anxiety and buy extra things. Something that usually happens with clothes, which ends up being small and unused. In addition, it is likely that you will receive a few family gifts in the form of objects for the little one, so it is always better to organize yourself and not overdo it with these purchases, adapting them to what you need.

Not Ruin Yourselves With The Arrival of The Baby

When we are going to have a baby, many figures can dance in our heads, since everyone tells us to prepare for the immense expense that we are going to face. As you can imagine, there are certain first-class products need for the minor, along with others that must have so that the little one can feel comfortable and protected in the first years of his life. For this reason, we want to help you with these tips to avoid ruining you with the arrival of the baby.

Saving Money For Baby Future

One of our main tips is that you can save from the first moment you find out that you are going to be parents. Ideally, before looking for the little one, you could have some savings to give maximum comfort to the little one and above all. In case of some kind of unexpected, either a fault in the washing machine or in the refrigerator or that one of the two is out of work, you can continue to count on extra money to be able to make the necessary purchases that the child will need once he is born. Most essential and important list of things you need for a new baby when he arrived.

Save The Most

In the event that it was a real surprise and caught you off guard, you should start saving money from minute zero, in this way you will have a good financial mattress for your arrival. In some cases, our lifestyle will have to change, avoiding those little whims, be it a new mobile, a getaway or a meal at a restaurant. Likewise, if in certain cases this is not possible, you can always opt for a loan seeking that the money can be paid in comfortable monthly installments.


Co-sleeping is one of the most common practices that is usually carried out, although many parents complain about the lack of intimacy of having the baby in their own bed or even others comment that it is something that causes them a lot of insecurity. The truth is that for centuries and even millennia babies have slept with their parents in the same space, something that improves the child’s sleep, but will also facilitate breastfeeding. It should be remembered that many cribs or mini-cribs would last the first months of the little one, so you should buy the best bassinets with a budget and also have great quality, don’t go for the design.


In addition to the fact that it is recommended that babies be fed through the mother’s milk until at least six months, it is the most recommended option if you do not want to ruin yourself. Breastfeeding has many benefits for the little ones, but also for your pocket since you will not have to think about buying bottles, formula milk, mineral water or even the time it takes to boil the tap and its energy expenditure, as well as another series of elements that are necessary for lactation by the formula.

Carrying The Baby

One of the most expensive expenses is the baby carrier or stroller, which can cost you quite a bit of money if you want a more complete model or you want it to last a little longer than usual. One of the tips that specialists give us is to use babywearing; carry the baby in your arms. You can also practice with shoulder straps that are much cheaper than a stroller is and the feeling of having your baby so close is incredible.

Baby Clothes

There are really cute things to put the baby, but we recommend that you avoid making compulsive purchases, in the first place, because you will not know until the moment of birth if it will be a large newborn or not and therefore if you have bought a garment and it fits Girl, you can’t put it on. In the same way, babies change from one day to the next and what was good for them today is impossible to wear tomorrow, for this reason, but what is necessary, and if some friends or family can help you with these purchases, better than better.

Cloth Diapers

Although at first, it may seem like a huge expenditure of money, when you realize that the price is very cheap. Because you are going to have them all the stage that the baby needs, it is incredible what you can get to save. Diapers are one of the products that will be most needed and they are not exactly cheap, considering that when they are born they can use an average of 8 to 10 diapers a day, so all savings are good. If you need a disposable diaper, you should research which is the best diapers for newborn boy and girl with the best support in your budget. That’s why we recommend cloth diapers for your adorable baby.


In your baby’s hygiene, forget about gels and shampoos that despite being of great brands are not going to improve the hydration of your baby’s skin. At least in the first months, you can use almond oil instead of bath gel, costing much cheaper and helping your skin to be well hydrated and protected. In the case of her hair, you can use a little water and that is it, saving a lot of money. Similarly, there are inflatable bathtubs that come in handy for all ages of the little one and their price is very cheap.

Children’s Toys

It must be recognized that in the current market there are plenty of toys for the little ones, but when you see that they are going to be interested in absolutely everything you give them since it is a new experience, you can give from a carton of milk to a couple of toppers that will have a great time.

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